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The mission of Commander, Navy Recruiting Command is to recruit men and women for enlisted, officer candidate and officer status in the regular and Reserve components of the Navy.

CNRC is constantly seeking to recruit the best and brightest young men and women, and to selectively recruit those who are equipped to succeed in today’s high-tech Navy environment.

CNRC is headquarters for all active and reserve Navy recruiting worldwide. The CNRC headquarters has a staff of 202 military personnel and 149 civilian employees, with a worldwide staff of approximately 7,800.

There are approximately 6,100 recruiters working in nearly 1,350 recruiting stations across the United States, Europe and Japan. Each Navy recruiter is a highly-screened Sailor, ensuring the proper manning of the fleet, helping young men and women to accelerate their lives. Over the past few years, the dedicated CNRC team has recruited on average 58,000 enlisted Sailors and officers each year for the active and reserve components of the Navy.

CNRC relocated to NSA Mid-South from Arlington, Va., in the summer of 1999 to their new headquarters located in the Russell B. Johnson Building (S-784).

The headquarters staff continues to live up to the adage, “The Navy Recruiting Command is the first line of defense. No one in the Navy is making a greater direct and measurable contribution to our Navy’s fleet readiness than the Navy recruiter.”

If reporting on board CNRC or interested in becoming a part of the team that is on the first line of defense for our country, go to http://www.cnrc.navy.mil. For information about how the Navy can “Accelerate your life,” log on to http://www.navy.com.

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