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Compass Real Estate – Bernadette Fletcher
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Bernadette Fletcher is a licensed realtor in the Tampa Bay area in parallel with her career in the military. Prior to joining Compass, Bernadette worked 20+ years in the United States Air Force. She now works full time in real estate with her certification as a Military Relocation Professional.
Bernadette is a military veteran who worked many roles during her career and has traveled to many places around the world. She is well traveled and did two tours to Afganistan both in 2007 and again in 2013. Later in 2014 she lived a year in South Korea and ended her career at Scott AFB Illinios. She retired on January 1st, 2019. Her passion is helping military families with moving to the Tampa Bay area as someone that understands the challenges that come with the military life.
Bernadette is well-educated in various different areas. She earned her first Master’s degree in 2014 in Marriage and Family Counseling and most recently in 2021 was awarded her second Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. In 2022, she graduated bible college and earned another Bachelor’s degree, this time in Ministry. At the same, she received the title of Reverend by getting her ministry license under Revival Ministries International.
Bernadette is actively involved in her community and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is also an active mother to her only son Triston whom she homeschools on her own. She serves on her church’s media team and enjoys going out into the community conducting outreaches. She supports several ministries that feed the poor and share the Gospel to people all over the world. She enjoys taking vacations with her family and trying new places/restaurants along the way. In her spare time, Bernadette enjoys shopping and going to the beach. She is excited to share her knowledge to assist buyers and sellers in finding the best real estate solution for their needs.

License #3465726

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