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If you are headed for a tour of duty at NSA Philadelphia and need help finding local housing please contact the Housing Service Center at: (215)-437-9520.

The Housing office can assist you whether you are looking to rent or buy and it doesn’t matter if you are military or civilian- all are welcome.  If you are already onboard they are able to assist you with any questions you may have.

or, Visit the Housing Service Center Site.

Our mission is to provide housing support for all families and unaccompanied personnel assigned to NSA Philadelphia. Our goal is to help our customers locate suitable and affordable housing whether they are unaccompanied or a Military family.

Housing Options include: 

o     Services to Assist Customers to Locate Off-Base Housing.

Housing Service Center (HSC) team assists with the following:

o      Housing Referral Services to assist you in locating suitable and affordable housing 

Contact Our Housing Service Center to get started with your housing needs.  

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