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Coastal Vision Center


We bring over 70 years of ophthalmology and optometry experience to the community and the surrounding areas. We provide specialty vision care to all of our patients and help them maintain healthy vision.


Who We Are

Our doctors specialize in the most advanced diagnostic technology and eye care products available. For many years, we’ve served as the leading eye doctors in Nassau County. We love caring for our patients and we’re always striving to provide the highest quality of care possible. 

At our clinic, you’ll find our Opthalmologist and Optometrists who are passionate about your eye health and answering your questions. They’ll take time to address your concerns no matter how big or how small.  


We Offer Quality Vision Care Services

We believe that the best way to achieve healthy vision is through a comprehensive approach. Our Optometrists are leaders in the field and provide complete primary eye care including complete eye exams and treatment of the full spectrum of ocular disease. Our Ophthalmologist focuses on the most advanced and effective surgical treatments to treat eye disease and enhance your vision to its fullest potential.


Diagnosing Eye Issues and Diseases

Your vision is very important and we recommend that you schedule regular vision check-ups to maintain proper eye health. Scheduling regular appointments can help diagnose conditions such as:

Macular degeneration



Dry eyes




Maintaining Healthy Vision

Your vision is precious. You rely on your eyes constantly throughout every day. Do you ever feel that your vision is blurry? Do your eyes get tired? Let our doctors examine your eyes and determine the best solutions to the common vision issues that reduce your vision. Some of these include:






Even if your vision isn’t bothering you, we recommend that you keep regular appointments to maintain good eye health. We’ll be able to catch the early onset of eye diseases.


Vision Care Products

We offer a wide array of vision care products and teach patients how to benefit their vision. Our lenses, contacts, and frames promote better vision and add style to your modern wardrobe. We work with you to select the best frame and size for your face and tastes. Also, we’ll help you find one that’s comfortable and make adjustments if needed.


Call Us Today For An Eye Exam

We invite you to call Coastal Vision Center and schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists or ophthalmologist today. Let our experienced doctors get to know you so we can give your vision the best of care. We look forward to meeting you.