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BLT 2/8 Ends Training; Makes First Med Landing

BLT 2/8 Ends Training; Makes First Med Landing

This week we are republishing a story that appeared on our pages on this date in history from the 1963 edition. We hope it will give you an appreciation for our Corps’ illustrious heritage and a unique look at the style and tone of journalism during these years. Today’s article features Battalion Landing Team 2/8 ending a full-scale amphibious training exercise at Aranci Bay, Sardinia and marking its first landing since it assumed duties as landing force for the Sixth Fleet, February 21.
WITH THE U.S. SIXTH FLEET IN THE MEDITERRANEAN, ARANCI BAY, SARDINIA, Feb. 27, (delayed) Battalion Landing Team 2/8 (BLT 2/8) ended a full-scale amphibious training exercise here today. It marked the first landing made by the BLT since it assumed duties as landing force for the Sixth Fleet, February 21.
The landing Force aspects of the three-day exercise were directed by Lieutenant Colonel Norman R. Stanford, commanding officer, BLT 2/8.
The landing gave the Marines their first chance to work with their naval partner, Amphibious Squadron Two. The exercise also gave the Marines and Navy men a chance to iron out minor kinks in their amphibious planning.
The landing and training ashore was considered highly satisfactory for the landing force.
Early in the morning of the last day of the exercise, BLT 2/8 communicators successfully made CW (telegraph) contact with 8th Marines communicators at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, a distance of 4,380 miles from Aranci Bay.
Initial contact was established by Sgt. David C. King, BLT radio chief. The jeep mounted MRC-87 radios were used for the shot.
The vehicles were set on an azimuth of 260 degrees, which is the approximate azimuth of Camp Lejeune from Aranci Bay, Sardinia.
“Communications were excellent and the signal strength was similar to that of operating two radio sets at very close range,” commented Sgt King.
If clearance can be obtained, the BLT will make a shot from each of its landing sites in the Mediterranean.
Other BLT 2/8 communicators involved in the shot were: Cpl David M. Sargent and LCpl’s Terry V. Signor, Henry L. Hart and James E. Cannon.

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