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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

There are four main sources of employment at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay:

  • Federal service positions with Naval Submarine Base or tenant commands.
  • Nonappropriated fund positions with MWR, Navy Exchange or DeCA.
  • The base operating services contractor, VT Griffin, provides base security, firefighting, maintenance of buildings and grounds, and minor construction work.
  • Defense contractors on the base. Employment opportunities should be pursued either directly with the company or with the Georgia Department of Labor.
  • Recruitment for federal service positions at Kings Bay is processed through the Human Resources Service Center Southeast. Federal employment information can be obtained on the Navy HRO website at www.secnav.navy.mil/donhr.

Applications for nonappropriated fund positions, which are open to the public, can be submitted to the MWR Personnel Office located in Building 1039. Their number is 912-573-4583.

Those interested in employment with the Navy Exchange can inquire at the Navy Exchange Personnel Office or by calling 912-510-8304.

The Spouse Employment Assistance Program is an excellent starting point for your job search, whether you are just arriving to Kings Bay, looking for another job or looking for a job at your spouse’s next duty station. The SEAP is designed to provide assistance, information and referral on employment and educational resources and opportunities to eligible customers. Contact the SEAP coordinator at FFSC at 912-573-4512.

The Georgia Department of Labor office is at 1712 Osborne Road in St. Marys. The office number is 912-673-6942/6943.

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