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What’s at Kings Bay

What’s at Kings Bay

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Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay provides support to the fleet, fighter and family by maintaining and operating the facilities of the Trident submarine force stationed here.

Submarine Group 10

Submarine Group 10 was commissioned Jan. 1, 1989, and is the senior command at Kings Bay. Group 10 is a subordinate command to Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. It exercises command over various assigned units, including operational and administrative control of the Ohio-class submarines based at Submarine Base Kings Bay.

Group 10 is the local coordinating authority for all matters assigned by the submarine force commander and exercises direct control over the administration and training of submarine off-crews at Kings Bay. Specifically included in these responsibilities is the proper integration and coordination of the facilities dedicated to training support of the Trident system.

Submarine Squadrons 16 and 20

Submarine squadrons 16 and 20 provide administrative support for the East Coast-based Ohio-class submarines. The squadron coordinates the planning and execution of all SSBN and SSGN maintenance with Trident Refit Facility and is responsible for material readiness and fiscal responsibility.

Naval Submarine Support Center

The submarine center provides centralized administrative and support services to the submarine squadron, assisting them in their responsibilities for material, personnel, training and logistics of assigned and visiting submarines.

Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic

Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic (SWFLANT) provides strategic missiles and strategic weapons system support to the ballistic-missile submarine fleet. The command is responsible for assembling the D-5 missile and processing missile guidance and launcher subsystem components. The workforce consists of engineers, administration and management personnel, supply and accounting technicians, maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and safety and quality assurance specialists. Facilities include administration buildings, supply warehouses, a calibration laboratory, missile assembly buildings, vertical missile packaging buildings, inspection buildings and explosives-handling wharves.

The D-5 has a greater range, payload and accuracy than its predecessors since it incorporates many state-of-the-art technological advances in electronics and rocketry. The D-5 is the heart of the Trident weapons system, which also includes the submarine, support equipment and shore facilities. The system is designed to be America’s seaborne deterrent to strategic war.

Marine Corps Security Force Battalion

The battalion, commanded by a senior Marine Corps officer, provides physical security for SWFLANT.

Activated Sept. 1, 1987, the battalion provides security operations as approved by the chief of naval operations, in coordination with the commandant of the Marine Corps, and performs other functions as directed by the commandant.

The Naval Guard Force, comprised of Navy Masters-at-Arms, was integrated with the Marine Corps Security Force Company in 2005, reporting as one unit under the command of SWFLANT. The company was designated as a battalion in 2008.

Trident Refit Facility

Trident Refit Facility is the largest tenant command at Kings Bay and has quietly and efficiently kept a significant portion of America’s submarine warfare capability at sea since 1985. TRF provides quality industrial and logistics support for the incremental overhaul, modernization and repair of Trident submarines (SSBN/SSGN) and also provides global submarine supply support. In addition, TRF provides maintenance and support services to other submarines, regional maintenance customers and other activities as requested.

The military and civilian workforce work in a variety of trades supporting submarine and ship repair and maintenance. While the bulk of the TRF workload is associated with the repair of Trident submarines, the TRF team also provides maintenance and support services to other class submarines, for both the U.S. and the U.K., regional maintenance customers and the Trident Planned Equipment Replacement program.

TRF boasts the largest covered dry dock in the Western Hemisphere. Measuring 700 feet long, 100 feet wide and 67 feet deep, the dry dock is a marvel. A state-of-the-art magnetic silencing facility (MSF) provides degaussing services, including ranging and deperming for U.S. and United Kingdom submarines. The MSF is the only facility of its kind on the East Coast and is also used for research for development of future magnetic systems.

Trident Training Facility

The Trident Training Facility, with more than 520,000 square feet of classroom and office space, trains Sailors in the skills necessary to operate and maintain the Trident submarine and its systems. TTF has an essential role in support of the Trident submarines.

The training facility is the first stop for Sailors just completing Basic Enlisted Submarine Training and is their first exposure to technical training to be directly used in the fleet. For experienced crew members, more advanced training is available and it is mostly accomplished during the off-crew period. Enhanced computer simulation training is also conducted on equipment identical to that aboard a Trident submarine.

TTF has a military and civilian workforce that contributes special talents in the curriculum development and in fiscal and administrative areas. TTF reports to the chief of naval education and training.

Maritime Force Protection Unit

Maritime Force Protection Unit Kings Bay is a single-mission Coast Guard unit that provides escort for the SSBN fleet transiting in and out of the Kings Bay area. The unit includes the Coast Guard cutters Sea Dragon and Sea Dog and smaller patrol craft. The unit is also composed of the Military Sealift Command ships MV HOS Black Powder and Westwind.

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