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A Family Promotion By Staff Sgt. Laura Montgomery 145th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

A Family Promotion By Staff Sgt. Laura Montgomery 145th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Story by SSgt Laura Montgomery on 08/05/2019

Members of the North Carolina Air National Guard, family, and friends gather to celebrate U.S. Air Force Maj. Claxton, 263rd Combat Communications Squadron commander, as he promotes to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel August 3, 2019 in New London, N.C.

Claxton’s immediate and extended family enjoy witnessing the appreciation of his hard work commemorated in a ceremony.

“I’m really excited; he’s worked really hard and it’s been a process as a family too, but it’s definitely been worth it and he deserves it,” said Lt. Col. Claxton’s son, Jonathan.

Claxton originally started his career in the North Carolina Air National Guard as an enlisted member in New London, and while he served a few years at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport base; his family was happy to return to the New London location and rekindle old friendships.

“We started off in Stanly County, so it was like coming home when we came back to the 263rd (Combat Communications Squadron), and it’s been fun to see Bradley as an enlisted guy here and then as an officer,” stated Claxton’s wife, Karen. “We’ve got family ties from a long time in Stanly County.”

When a military member joins the ranks, their family becomes part of that dynamic and at times, they are put the stressors of not seeing their loved ones due to deployments and long work hours.

“He’s made it a career but it’s also been our career as a family too,” said Jonathan, “We love the Air Force and the 263rd (Combat Communications), we’ve just really enjoyed the camaraderie that we’ve gotten to have with the families here so that’s the goal, to continue that wherever he goes.”

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