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Preplanning is essential for newcomers moving to Naval Submarine Base New London, whether for a permanent change of station or student assignment. An excellent source of information for military moves is the Department of Defense Military OneSource website at www.militaryonesource.mil. This is a Department of Defense website for official Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) program information, policy and guidance designed to help troops and their families, leaders and service providers. From the Military OneSource website, service members can select the “Plan My Move” or the “Military Installations” links. Both will provide valuable information on preparing your move, as well as vital information on your next military installation.

Military families are also encouraged to contact the Housing Welcome Center as soon as orders are received at 860-694-3851, DSN 694-3851 or toll free at 877-843-5236. Its staff will help you locate suitable and affordable housing in the local area.

Temporary quarters can be arranged by contacting either the Navy Lodge or the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS), both of which arrange permanent on-base quarters for single military personnel. Reservations can be made at the Navy Lodge by calling 800-NAVY-INN (628-9233) or 860-446-3119. On-base visiting quarters can be reserved by calling the NGIS at 860-694-3117 or DSN 694-3416.

Newcomers are also encouraged to contact their local Personal Property Office as soon as possible after receiving orders to arrange shipment of household goods. Once shipment dates are known, you should contact the Personal Property Office at Naval Submarine Base New London by calling 860-694-4650 to arrange storage or delivery of household goods.

All new personnel should hear from a gaining-command sponsor shortly after receiving orders. If you do not, contact your gaining unit and ask for your sponsor’s name and phone number. Your gaining command should also provide you a mailing address where letters can be forwarded until a permanent address can be established. If not already received, you can also call the Fleet and Family Support Center at 860-694-3383 or DSN 694-3383 to request a Welcome Aboard Packet.

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