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The National Museum of the United States Army Reserve

The National Museum of the United States Army Reserve

National Museum of the USAR

The National Museum Of The Army Reserve, Founded in 1999

The Army Reserve was created in April of 1908, but the concept of a Federal force of Citizen Soldiers dates back to the founding of the United States. Unlike their counterparts in the National Guard, Army Reserve Soldiers have no state mission or allegiance. Federal Citizen-Soldiers have played an important role in defending the United States for almost 250 years. Since it’s establishment in 1999, The National Museum of the Army Reserve (NMAR) has existed to tell their story.


To collect, preserve and interpret the history of the US Army Reserve and the Federal Citizen Soldier.


Museum displays throughout the headquarters tell the story of America’s federal Citizen Soldiers, relate their experiences and honor their contributions. The development of the Army Reserve is highlighted, along with displays that emphasize its most significant achievements.


A Proud Heritage

The museum embodies the history and contributions of the American Citizen Soldier from 1908 to present day operations. It conveys a sense of heritage and esprit d ‘corps to every Army Reserve Soldier. Since the activation of the Medical Reserve in 1908 the United States government mobilized more than one million Army Reserve Soldiers for the defense of the nation. The National Museum of the Army Reserve is here to tell their story.

Living History

The living history program brings the past to life, relating the soldier’s experience in America’s wars. The Office of Army Reserve History protrays a Civil War headquarters and signal station at historic events.

Staff Rides

Historians guide Army Reserve Soldiers over actual battlefields, teaching them principles of war and lessons learned. Participants assume roles of historical commanders, considering that alternative courses of action might have been taken during the battle. The general public may participate as well when space is available.


The US Army Reserve Command (USARC) Tour Program makes special tours available to Army Reserve soldiers, other members of the Armed Forces and the general public. Tour groups must make arrangements at least five days in advance with the Field Historian of the Office of Army Reserve History. All tour participants must sign in at the USARC Security Office and obtain a visitor pass to enter the headquarters. Tours will be limited to the display areas. Weekend tours available by appointment.


Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and all Federal Holidays

Contact Information

Museum Director (910) 570-8183
Museum Curator (910) 570-8182
Museum Specialist (910) 570-9595
Field Historian (910) 570-8371


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