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SueZee Soaps Etc.

Hi! We’re Bryan and Sue Traub – the owners of SueZee Soaps, etc in West Bend, Iowa.


It all started in 2001 when we met in the military. Following high school, we both enrolled in the Army National Guard to help offset the cost of college. Who knew that such a small decision would lead to all of this?!


While serving our great country, we started noticing each other and began spending more time together. Then on a star-studded night in February, Bryan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


After we retired from the Army National Guard we moved back to Bryan’s hometown – West Bend, Iowa. West Bend is a unique little town with a population barely exceeding 700 people. Although the population is small, West Bend is home to the world’s largest Grotto.


Life in West Bend was all we could have asked for. We taught ourselves to garden, can, butcher, and become very self-sustaining. A few summers ago, we started taking our produce to our local farmers’ market and people loved our products. One week we didn’t have any produce ready for market, so we decided to fill some mason jars with the homemade laundry soap that we had been using.


Before we knew it, we were selling out of our laundry soap every week! As sufferers of skin issues ourselves, we needed soaps that didn’t irritate our skin. We started experimenting with various essential oils and did a lot of research on natural skin care.