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Facility renovation, mold remediation begins at Offutt

Facility renovation, mold remediation begins at Offutt

Story by Charles Haymond on 09/12/2019

Using the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, Offutt officials hired a vendor to help repair base facilities impacted by the mid-March flooding.
AFCAP is a rapid response office and contracting tool for use by U.S. Government entities needing urgent assistance.
The first facility that AFCAP focused on is the Bennie L. Davis Maintenance Facility, which is the primary maintenance facility maintaining combat-ready aircraft, equipment and munitions for the 55th Wing’s mission.
“AFCAP is a tremendous tool that has allowed us to rapidly deploy a clean-up and restoration capability that will ultimately help restore Offutt’s ability to effectively generate combat power,” said Lt. Col. Hayes Weidman, 55th Contracting Squadron commander.
The company hired to make the repair was responsible for bringing in safety and environmental experts to assess, plan and start clearing the building.
Once the maintenance facility was cleared, the contractors went into the powerless building and started cleaning up office areas and aircraft docks and replacing sheet rock.
Most of the work was the removal of wet contaminated material. The team of contractors removed items from damaged furniture and carpet to drywall and wood.
“Currently the main safety concerns are contaminated work spaces from flood water residue and various other hazards caused by long-term flood damage” said Quentin Harvey, DynCorp program director.
The beginning stages of the mold and biohazard remediation needed in each building has begun in several facilities around base.
Next, they will begin to assess the cost of the work required to restore facilities in conjunction with the 55th Civil Engineering Squadron.
“While the contractors won’t be replacing furniture and equipment, they are responsible for returning base facilities impacted by the flood to pre-flood conditions,” Weidman said.

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