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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial Preparedness

The Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) offers a half-day financial management class for First Term Airmen. There is also an excellent two-part class for all active duty, civilians, or retirees and their spouses entitled “Growing Your Money” offered monthly.

Omaha enjoys a fairly low cost of living relative to other locations in the United States. Here are the average costs of buying and renting houses in the local area (City to Buy, Average Cost Range, Size to Rent, Rent Range):

  • Bellevue East, $123,000-$250,000, Apartment 1 br, $460-$800
  • Bellevue West, $178,000-$300,000, Apartment 2 br, $450-$1,000
  • Papillion, $178,000-$350,000, Apartment 3 br, $675-$1,200
  • LaVista, $140,000-$286,000, Single Family 2 br, $700-1,500
  • Springfield, $155,000-$242,000, Single Family 3 br, $900-$1,800
  • Millard, $146,000-$260,000, Single Family 4 br, $1,200-$2,000
  • Gretna, $150,000-$250,000, Single Family 5 bf (rare), $1,700-$2,800

Average utility costs vary from $150 to $250.

The property tax bill for homeowners depends on a number of factors, including a home’s assessed value, school district, utilities district and whether the property is within city limits. For information, contact the County Assessor’s Office: Douglas County (Omaha): 402-444-7060; Sarpy County (Bellevue, Papillion, LaVista): 402-593-2122.

States sales tax is 7.0 percent in both Nebraska and Iowa. Several cities also impose local sales taxes, after legislative approval. The local tax rates vary from 1.0 to 2.0 percent in Omaha, Bellevue, LaVista and Papillion, as well as Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sales tax is not charged on consumable food items in either state.

Personal Property tax is high on automobiles, campers, and boats. You may license your owned vehicle as a non-resident and be exempt from the personal property tax. However, if you choose to lease a car rather than buy, it will be considered a NE resident vehicle and therefore subject to the tax. You must have liability insurance on your vehicles and must carry a proof-of-insurance card and your registration in the cars at all times. Coverage minimums are as follows: $25,000 liability, $25,000 property damage, and $25,000-$50,000 uninsured driver.

Non-resident military are exempt from state income tax.

If you need financial assistance while in transit, the nearest Red Cross office is your best contact, as the American Red Cross has an agreement with the various service charities.

Although drawing advance pay is possible to cover moving expenses, the pay-back obligation can be damaging to a household budget for a year. It’s a good idea to try to accomplish the move with savings until you are reimbursed for the allowed expenses and allowances with your travel voucher.

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