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Youth Services

Youth Services

Youth Services

Offutt’s Youth Programs offer sports, classes, social events, school-age programs, summer camps, specialty camps, peer counseling, youth diversion and relocation/ transition support for youth, ages 5 to 18 years old. Parents must register their children and pay an annual $50 Membership Fee.

For more information on Youth Programs, call 402-294-5152.

Youth Sponsorship Program

The Youth Center offers a Youth Sponsorship Program, where incoming youth are matched to the interested Offutt youth in their age group, and letters are exchanged. This is a great way to learn about your new duty station prior to your arrival.

If you did not get a form in a sponsor packet, you can send an email requesting a youth sponsor. Include your name, mailing address, age, grade in school, projected date of arrival and any questions you might have to the Offutt Youth Center.

Youth Employment

Employment opportunities for teens in the Omaha metro are good. You must be 16 years old to work in the state of Nebraska. There are fast food and telemarketing opportunities, in addition to the seasonal jobs, such as lifeguarding and parks activities.

Youth Center

The Offutt Youth Center, Building 5085, offers a comprehensive program of organized activities for children in three age categories: Junior, ages 5-8; Pre-Teens, ages 9-12; and Teens, ages 13-18. Hours and activities vary by season and school year. Youth Center programs are designed for different age groups, for example, the seniors have activities for their age group only. Call the Youth Center for more information.

Classes are offered in gymnastics and martial arts.

Youth Religious Programs

The Chapel offers both Protestant and Catholic Sunday School classes, as well as youth groups by age groups. Call the SAC Chapel for more information.

Youth Sports

The year-round sports program includes soccer, baseball, softball, flag-football, basketball, and swimming lessons.

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