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Being part of Everett teamlike being part of a large family

Being part of Everett teamlike being part of a large family

Story by Michele L Fletcher on 01/15/2019

Craig Morton is a shipbuilding specialist in the Contract Management Office at the detachment. Morton has been at Everett for two years after transferring from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, where he was a hydro-electric machinery mechanic for over ten years. Morton also served in the Navy for 20 years.

Briefly describe your job
Shipbuilding specialists support the project maintenance team by performing oversight of private sector ship maintenance. During the planning phase we write, review and estimate work specifications; and evaluate contractor proposals to support the project manager, contract specialists and contracting officers. During the contract execution phase we perform deckplate oversight of contractor performance, working with the project support engineers, quality assurance specialists, and safety office to identify and remediate technical, quality and safety issues.

What do you like about your jobwhat gives you pride about the job you do?
I enjoy working with the diverse group of people from the civilian repair community, active duty military and government maintenance team. Each brings their experiences and skills together to make sure the repairs are performed correctly and safely. I take pride in knowing the Sailors are going out to sea on ships that are in the best condition possible.

How does what you are doing benefit the command and beyond?
By working on a project maintenance team, I am directly involved in accomplishing the first two tenets of the command mission statementmaintain, modernize and retire our Navy’s fleet. Beyond? Ensuring the ships are fit to fight and being a steward of the taxpayer’s money.

What has been a memorable moment, or an encouragement to you about your job at PSNS & IMF?
Everyone that I work with has been willing to share their experience and assist me when I need it. Additionally, they come to me for my experience when they need it. It feels like belonging to a large familyhelp is always there if you need it. I like belonging to an organization that feels that way.

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