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Hero2Hired has transitioned its online capabilities to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Employment Center (VEC) (https://www.vets.gov/veterans-employment- center).

This transition supports the White House Joining Forces initiatives to combine Federal efforts to hire veterans under one web portal and strengthens interagency collaboration among the VA, Department of Defense and Department of Labor.

Our H2H Employment Coordinators will continue to provide quality career readiness assistance to Reserve Component Service members preparing for the next civilian career.

Each State, Territory and the District of Columbia has an H2H Employment Coordinator assigned who can assist with VEC enrollment and local employment resources.


Alaska: Hastings, James james.c.hastings3.ctr@mail.mil 907-232-1528

Alabama: Wilson, Wendy wendy.b.wilson2.ctr@mail.mil 334-213-7602

Arizona: Essex, Scott scott.r.essex.ctr@mail.mil 480-250-4902

Arkansas: Quinn, Don donald.e.quinn4.ctr@mail.mil 501-212-4313

California (N): Alvarez, Jr Art arturo.alvarez8.ctr@mail.mil 559-802-6354

California (S): Paul, Michelle epaul@e3federal.com 858-537-8078

California (SC): Fields, Reginald reginald.fields6.ctr@mail.mil 714-737-8748

Colorado: Small, Rebecca rebecca.s.small.ctr@mail.mil 720-250-1188

Connecticut: Baltimore, Lorraine lorraine.m.baltimore.ctr@mail.mil 860-524-4911

Delaware: Crossland, Mercedes mercedeskimble.l.crossland.ctr@mail.mil 302-677-4775

District of Columbia: Knight, Jessica jessica.f.knight.ctr@mail.mil 202-685-9714

Florida: Starling, Vickie vickie.s.starling.ctr@mail.mil 904-823-0158

Georgia: Anderson, Charlene charlene.l.anderson2.ctr@mail.mil 678-569-6066

Guam: Sudo, Janette janette.h.sudo.ctr@mail.mil 671-777-7793

Hawaii: Warnock, Lori lori.e.warnock.ctr@mail.mil 808-844-6244

Idaho: Sackman, Teri teresa.a.sackman.ctr@mail.mil 208-272-4339

Illinois: Melrose, Darrell darrell.a.melrose.ctr@mail.mil 309-633-1104 x5367

Indiana: Russelburg, Bryan bryan.s.russelburg.ctr@mail.mil 270-844-3039

Iowa: Dixon, Marvin marvin.l.dixon.ctr@mail.mil 515-252-4592

Kansas: Boeger, Diane dboeger@interactivegov.com 816-807-0608

Kentucky: Carter, Kelli kelli.f.carter2.ctr@mail.mil 502-607-1302

Louisiana: Hou, James james.c.hou.ctr@mail.mil 504-598-2817

Maine: Hill, Travis travis.s.hill.ctr@mail.mil 207-779-6921

Maryland: Peters, Carl carl.f.peters5.ctr@mail.mil 410-918-6574

Massachusetts: Forchielli, Ken kenneth.j.forchielli.ctr@mail.mil 508-755-0173 x2231

Michigan: Gillette, Beth beth.h.gillette-tusch.ctr@mail.mil 517-481-9875

Minnesota: Williamson, Laura laura.l.williamson8.ctr@mail.mil 706-464-1793

Mississippi: Rocquin, Elizabeth elizabeth.f.rocquin.ctr@mail.mil 601-313-6600

Missouri: Hancock, Bob robert.r.hancock.ctr@mail.mil 660-438-8808

Montana: Fletcher, Joe joe.r.fletcher.ctr@mail.mil 406-324-5086

Nebraska: Burch, Richard richard.j.burch4.ctr@mail.mil 402-309-7441

Nevada: Richardson, Tammy tammy.b.richardson.ctr@mail.mil 775-384-5849

New Hampshire: Willbarger, John john.r.willbarger.ctr@mail.mil 603-227-1485

New Jersey: Livanos, Janice janice.livanos.ctr@mail.mil 609-562-3996

New Mexico: Lakin, Brad bradley.k.lakin.ctr@mail.mil 505-271-7116

New York: Card, Evan evan.p.card.ctr@mail.mil 808-589-9209

North Carolina: Hedman, Barbara barbara.a.hedman2.ctr@mail.mil 919-903-6029

North Dakota: Bonicelli, Paul paul.bonicelli.ctr@mail.mil 701-290-5068

Ohio: Campbell, Steve steven.a.campbell56.ctr@mail.mil 614-336-7322

Oklahoma: Patterson, Jeff jeffery.e.patterson2.ctr@mail.mil 405-475-1545

Oregon: Taylor, Dawn dawn.r.taylor6.ctr@mail.mil 503-508-7719

Pennsylvania: Kuleba, Rebecca rebecca.m.kuleba.ctr@mail.mil 717-861-2547

Puerto Rico: Marrero-Garcia, Awilda awilda.marrero2.ctr@mail.mil 787-289-1460

Rhode Island: LaFauci, Brian brian.b.lafauci.ctr@mail.mil 401-275-1248

South Carolina: Warren, Beth elizabethanne.c.warren.ctr@mail.mil 803-299-2672

South Dakota: Ries, Tim timothy.j.ries.ctr@mail.mil 605-592-0667

Tennessee: Nelson, John vernon.j.nelson.ctr@mail.mil 615-313-0880

Texas (DFW): Glaster, Willie willie.a.glaster.ctr@mail.mil 210-544-0712

Texas (HOU): Denton, Tre tremain.l.denton.ctr@mail.mil 281-929-2151

U.S. Virgin Islands: Walcott, Verna verna.l.walcott.ctr@mail.mil 340-277-0231

Utah: Rackham, Chuck charus.r.rackham.ctr@mail.mil 801-432-4242

Vermont: Bridges, Rob robert.a.bridges3.ctr@mail.mil 802-338-4197

Virginia: Williamson, Nathan nathan.j.williamson2.ctr@mail.mil 804-236-7855

Washington: Clark, Tamie tamie.j.clark.ctr@mail.mil 253-512-1383

West Virginia: Cyrus, Dave david.a.cyrus.ctr@mail.mil 304-201-3490

Wisconsin: Strange, Bob robert.r.strange.ctr@mail.mil 317-504-5884

Wyoming: Bohn, Michael michael.j.bohn4.ctr@mail.mil 307-772-5055



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