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As a mother of an autistic child, I understand the difficulties in making the right choices for your unique child. I was amazed at the lack of ABA resources in the Brevard County area and the available cost. I made it my mission to offer affordable ABA treatment in a school setting where all children with developmental delays get the treatment and education they deserve! Welcome to Puzzle Box Academy!
Puzzle Box Academy is the first school in Florida to provide the Morningside Academy Curriculum and teaching methodology in addition to following Florida State Standards. The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction combines precision teaching of specific basic skills through guided intensive instruction and practice followed by opportunities for generalizing learning to the wider world. Through this evidence-based model, complex behavioral skills emerge without explicit instruction when well-selected component responses are appropriately sequenced, carefully instructed, and well-rehearsed.
We encourage you to learn more about our autism schools for students with developmental delays. With locations in Palm Bay and Rockledge, there’s a Puzzle Box Academy near you. Take a virtual tour or contact us today to learn more!
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