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Transforming Mental Health Care

Having worked in the mental health field in several capacities, it became obvious to me that things needed to change. So, I sought to create a comprehensive, quality, mental health practice that actually cares! At Soul Haven, my one goal is to help people in a collaborative way, because I truly want you to succeed and feel better. I love what I do, and I love that I can provide quality care to individuals all from the comfort of their own home!

*Currently offering services online only.

*Currently offering private pay services only – and running a special in which all active duty, retired, and reserve military members qualify for a reduced private pay rate of $80 per session for the entirety of their treatment!

My services


EMDR stands for “eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing” and is a therapy modality that is highly effective in working with individuals that struggle with symptoms associated with PTSD or those that have experienced trauma. It works by accessing/unlocking a part of the brain that stores trauma (through bilateral eye movements) and allowing the individual to process the memory of the trauma and the negative thought process associated with it. EMDR is an excellent treatment modality and is also highly effective for individuals with severe anxiety/OCD, and depression.


ERP stands for “exposure and response prevention” and this is a treatment modality specifically designed to aid people who struggle with anxiety and OCD.  ERP is a type of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) that seeks to create a fear hierarchy of triggers and systematically work on desensitizing you to the anxiety that you are experiencing associated with those triggers.

Talk therapy

This is designated for individuals to process and explore their thoughts/emotions/struggles. Talk therapy typically includes traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy – allowing clients to be challenged and learn how to change their negative thought processes that keeps them “stuck”.

Parenting education/Parenting sessions
This time will be spent evaluating your current parenting style, and discussing ways in which you can become more “in tune” to your child’s specific needs. This is also a way for parents that are separated or parenting from different locations to learn how to best co-parent so that they are both on the same page and are providing a safe space for their kids to express themselves and thrive.
Family therapy/Couples therapy
This session helps family’s/couples increase positive communication and learn to address struggles more effectively together. Communication amongst families and couples is often a struggle because not everyone communicates the same way.  Family therapy and/or couples therapy will allow you and your people to learn about communication styles and how to best communicate with the other people in your life, whether it be your family or your partner.
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