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Marine Corps Installations Command Hosts Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council

Marine Corps Installations Command Hosts Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council

Story by MAJ Simba Chigwida on 03/08/2019

Members of Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council (MAC) met with Maj. Gen. Coglianese, Commander, Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM), at the Pentagon to discuss efforts of mutual interest on March 7, 2019. The MAC is made up of roughly 75 Hawaiian business leaders, military leaders, and other influencers that advocate for military projects and collaborate on challenges and opportunities in the defense community.

“We welcome any and all ideas from MAC’s members to help improve Marine Corps Base Hawaii and the surrounding community,” said Maj. Gen. Coglianese. “The ability to both continue generating combat power and provide exceptional support to Hawaii in times of need is key. MCICOM recognizes that our issues in Hawaii are also the community’s issues.”

The group discussed active energy security projects and the growing need for public-private partnerships. MCICOM is continuously exploring opportunities to meet their goal of allowing installations to remain mission operable off of the grid for at least 14 days.

“As we fix facilities across our installations, we need to consider ways to build with more resilient infrastructure,” said Maj. Gen. Coglianese.

Through MCICOM’s G-7 Modernization and Development Directorate, the Marine Corps is also piloting new mobility solutions (e.g., electric vehicle carsharing, dockless bikesharing, and autonomous vehicles) through short-term agreements.

“We are thankful for Maj. Gen. Coglianese’ s deep understanding of the Indo-Pacific region,” said Constance Lau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hawaiian Electric Industries. “We’re appreciative of how much the Marine Corps is embracing solutions with respect to the convergence of energy and transportation.”

Members of the MAC were also able to discuss anticipated infrastructure needs, family housing on Hawaii, and training land leases.

“I am eager to work with members of the MAC to understand and define opportunities to memorialize our joint objectives and partnerships,” said Maj. Gen. Coglianese. “We recognize that our Marines rotate in and out of positions frequently, and we want to ensure our collaborative efforts can withstand the long haul.”

For more information about Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council, please visit:

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