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The school dress code is in effect at NPS 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays) or at any other time when meeting with and greeting visiting personnel in an official capacity. The academic quad, the library and the Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic and Naval Medical Administration Unit constitute locations where this dress code is in effect. Personnel in an off-duty status going to and from the Navy Exchange, U.S. post office and other facilities on the grounds are not required to conform to the school attire dress code described in this instruction but will always present a neat, orderly appearance. Military uniform regulations for grooming shall be met at all times.


Appropriate civilian business casual attire is authorized for students while attending NPS. The following school dress code will be in effect at the school from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except Tuesdays, which are uniform days, and holidays). Students shall ensure that their dress and personal appearance are appropriate for the occasion and will bring credit to themselves and the military services.

Students are expected to dress and conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a business environment at all times while on campus. Business casual does not have a requirement for a coat or tie. However, it includes a dress-quality collared shirt or turtleneck and dress slacks for men and either a dress or a dress blouse and dress slacks or skirts for women. Shirts and shoes should be of similar style and quality. Socks are required. Pressed khakis and turtlenecks are acceptable but do not include collarless shirts and flight deck jerseys. Logos on the collar or extreme logos elsewhere on the garment are not permitted. The uniform equivalent to business casual consists of service khakis for the Navy and the open-collared equivalent uniform for other services.


The Dudley Knox Library at NPS provides scholarly resources and research support to the school’s faculty, staff, students and alumni. Selected library services are extended to members of the local community, American military personnel worldwide and other scholars doing defense-related research. The library is a combination of collections, people and services that support the NPS academic enterprise. Library resource and discovery services include a variety of print and digital books and journals; numerous electronic databases; several special collections; curricula-specific instruction, class orientations and general library tutorial instruction sessions; an electronic Ask a Librarian service; interlibrary loan and document delivery; and more. Additional information is available at the library’s website at


The NPS Safety Office, in Building 436, 831-656-2822, is responsible for overseeing safety conditions at the school and its satellite areas. Students should, when feasible, attempt to resolve unsafe or unhealthy conditions personally and on the spot. The Safety Office supervisor is responsible for resolving difficult, persistent or pervasive safety problems.

Traffic safety problems should be brought to the attention of NPS Security for referral to the Traffic Safety Council.

Any mishaps involving military personnel occurring on or off duty shall be reported to the quarterdeck at 831-656-2441/2442.


Student lockers are available in limited quantities and are assigned by program offices. Lockers are for storing unclassified materials only (books, notebooks, etc.) and should not be used for storage of classified material.


Traffic regulations are strictly enforced at NPS. A high-occupancy vehicle lot is available behind the mechanical engineering auditorium. Lot D behind the west wing of Herrmann Hall and the combined bachelor quarters residents’ parking spaces are the only restricted parking spaces on campus. Students may park in any other green- or brown-marked spot. Students parking outside the school grounds are reminded not to block local residents’ driveways and should be aware of posted local parking regulations.

Student carpooling is strongly encouraged due to limited parking spaces on base.


An effective, well-administered Command Sponsor Program benefits all personnel by reducing apprehensions normally associated with any permanent change of station move. Current students will serve as a sponsor to U.S. military students at least twice during their tour at NPS. Student Services sends a welcome aboard message to new U.S. Navy students. Sponsors assigned to U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard students will send a welcome aboard email to incoming students from these service branches. Everything a new student will need is on the web; hard copy packages are no longer produced. Sponsoring incoming students is one of the few additional military duties required of all U.S. military students at the school.


An international sponsor is an ambassador of goodwill. Entering a new culture is seldom easy, and the sponsor program is designed to help an international NPS student adjust to life in the United States. The sponsor in turn benefits from this unique opportunity to meet and become acquainted with a foreign military officer and his or her family. Current students will serve as a sponsor to international military students at least once during their tour at the school.


Regular leave will be granted to students during designated vacation periods, i.e., Christmas and summer break. Regular leave may be granted during the academic year on a not-to-interfere basis with assigned studies.

Student Services officers will approve and forward student leave requests by fax to the personnel management agencies of all student’s services.

The school’s command duty officer may grant leave for cases arising outside of normal working hours (i.e., weekend or 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. PST). Emergency leave will be granted depending upon the merits of each individual case.


The school’s electronic suggestions box is available to all students to provide immediate suggestions to the superintendent and the school’s executive board. Your suggestions are important. Please answer each question fully and provide as much detail as possible. The suggestion box can only be used while on base, within the school’s firewall.


The purpose of the President Student Council is to facilitate effective communication and understanding among student officers assigned to the school and the school’s administration. Its function is to bring forth new ideas and to provide feedback and recommendations to improve the quality of student life. The president of the council interfaces with the NPS president directly and on occasion through the dean of students, the provost, and other senior faculty and staff officers. The committee is composed of volunteer representatives from each curriculum and meets monthly.


The Officer Student Spouse Club is an organization for the spouses of students attending NPS. The club holds a business meeting and a social function each month. Spouses of new students can expect an invitation to participate within the first several weeks of reporting. The club also offers a wide variety
of activities.


Students will have an opportunity to participate in scheduled DOD-recognized charity campaigns. The DOD-wide efforts in which NPS participates are the Combined Federal Campaign, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Fund Drive and the Navy Blood Donor program. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in these drives or the corresponding programs of their respective services. A designated NPS officer for each drive will coordinate these charitable efforts through student services and the section leaders.


NPS and the La Mesa Residence Association have instituted a rideshare program between the school and the La Mesa housing area. It is designed to encourage carpooling because parking is limited at the school.

Association area reps helped identify five La Mesa locations in which to put up signs (Rideshare to NPS). Three locations have also been chosen at the school (Rideshare to La Mesa).


The FFSC supports the military community by providing a wide range of services and assistance that respond to personal and family needs to positively impact the quality of life for our service members and their families. Classes are free of charge, but space is limited. All classes are held at the FFSC – La Mesa Housing information, call our main line at 831-656-3060. If you can’t make a particular class/workshop, give us a call – we are flexible and mobile to meet your needs.

Volunteer opportunities are always available!

MainLine 831-656-3060
Counseling Appointment Line 866-923-6478
Sexual Assault Prevention
Response Hot Line 877-955-5247

Find us on Facebook at for updated information.

Contact the FFSC at Community at 1280 Leahy Road, unless otherwise indicated. Childcare is available, however it must be arranged no later than 5 days prior to class date. For more 831-656-3060 to confirm classes

FFSC Office Location:

La Mesa Village, 1280 Leahy Road
Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm

Bldg. 205, Presidio of Monterey – By appointment only

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