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Redstone Arsenal
Highlights and Demographics

Highlights and Demographics

Arsenal Assets…

38,125 Acres

  • 25,860 Test Area Acres

19M sq ft Building Space

  • Major Office Complexes
  • Specialized RDT&E Facilities
  • 352 Privatized Housing Units

7,200 ft Airfield Runway

Railhead w/2 Spurs

Riverfront 10 mi

  • Tennessee River
  • Barge Docks

Roads 200 mi

  • Interstate Connection

Redstone Arsenal is comprised of four major zones:

  1. Residential Zone: includes Redstone’s residential housing areas, recreational opportunities, shopping and many other quality of life services
  2. City Center: mixed-use zone akin to a city downtown, consisting of a centralized services corridor, recreation destinations, professional office/lab space, and future temp lodging
  3. Professional Zone: houses Redstone’s organizational headquarters, major office complexes/research laboratories and is the highest concentration of our workforce
  4. Industrial Zone: contains Redstone’s industrial and explosive operations, test areas, warehousing and ammunition storage, Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, and our river recreation areas

Workforce Composition…

Senior Soldiers and Civilians

  • 14 Flag Officers and over 100 Senior
    Executive Service (SES)

37,500 Employees

  • Active Duty Military ≈ 1,000
  • Government Civilians ≈ 20,500
  • Contractors ≈ 16,000

Highly Educated

  • 68% w/Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Major career fields: Science and Engineering,
    Logistics Management, Acquisition and Contracting


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