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Patient Support Services

Patient Support Services


Volunteers are important members of the RACH Team. They serve in various areas of both the hospital and dental clinics. Individuals interested in volunteering should contact the American Red Cross at (580) 558-2132/3052 or visit their office on the third floor of the hospital. Some prerequisites for volunteering include a three-hour orientation to the Red Cross and hospital, a health screening and completion of privacy training. In addition to an adult volunteer program, VolunTEENs (ages 14 to 18 years old) provide service at RACH and other areas on post during the summer months.



BCACs support beneficiaries by providing information and assisting with enrollment, claims processing, eligibility queries and travel entitlement. They provide TRICARE briefings and serve as the point of contact for debt collection cases. Staff is located at the south entrance next to the TRICARE Service Center. Call (580) 558-2483/3161/2390 for assistance.



To obtain an official copy of a birth certificate, you must submit a completed Birth Certificate Request form. Forms are available at the Patient Administration Division. The Birth Certificate Request form, along with a $15 check or money order and a copy of the requestors ID, may be sent to:


Division of Vital Records

1000 NE 10th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73117

(405) 271-4040


For any additional information, please call the Admissions office at (580) 558-2750.



The Dining Facility is located at the south entrance of the hospital on the first floor.



The Marketing/Education Office is actively involved with and supports various groups and programs in the area. We strive to keep Fort Sill and the general public educated and updated on the TRICARE Benefit and RACH services. Information briefs are held quarterly at the hospital and are open to the public. Dates and times of briefs are posted in The Cannoneer newspaper and on the RACH Internet. For your convenience, any unit, group or organization is welcome to schedule a brief during duty hours or after hours. For questions, comments, or to schedule a brief, please call (580) 558-2319/2657. 



This office assists patients who need copies of their medical information. Patients must present an ID card and complete the release form. If the requestor is someone other than the patient, a medical power of attorney will be needed. This office is located with Inpatient/Outpatient Records in the basement on the north side of the hospital. Hours are Monday through
Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact staff at (580) 558-2103 or fax to (580) 558-2756.



The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are working together to make disability evaluation more simple, seamless, fast and fair with the integrated disability evaluation system.  DoD uses the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) to decide if Service Members who have been wounded, ill or injured are still able to serve, if they are not, the IDES has integrated processes that the DoD and VA formerly executed separately. This streamlined system improves America’s delivery of disability services and benefits to Service Members, Veterans and their families.


If the primary care provider recommends possible Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), the Soldier is referred to the Medical Management Center care coordinator until it is determined that medical retention determination point has been reached. When a medical retention determination point has been reached, a review of the Soldier’s treatment record is made by the MEB provider who initiates a permanent profile as necessary. After the profile is issued, the Soldier reports to the IDES clinic where a Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) is assigned to guide the soldier through the IDES process including scheduling appointments with the VA military service coordinator to begin the VA claim. The PEBLO will insure that the Soldier is fully briefed on the process including appeal rights at various stages of the process. The IDES clinic is currently located in building T3264 on Crane Avenue. The clinic is tentatively expected to return to the 3rd floor of Reynolds Army Community Hospital in January 2013 when renovations are complete. At that time the IDES clinic will include co-location of  the PEBLOs, MEB providers, MEB Behavioral Health providers, Soldier MEB counsel, and VA military service coordinators.  For information or assistance regarding the IDES process, call (580) 558-0011/0024/0040.



Weight Management, Heart Health and Cholesterol classes for Active Duty Service Members, Family Members and Retirees are available. Diabetes Nutrition Education classes are held the first and third Tuesday of each month. Patients need to bring both a glucometer and a list of current  medications to the class. Bariatric Support Group classes are provided upon referral from the General Surgery Clinic. Dates and times of classes may vary. Please contact the Nutrition Care Division at (580) 558-2152/2825 to discover how to improve your health through nutrition.


Armed Services YMCA

This organization offers child care to service members based on rank and they support the Soldiers Closet, which provides clothes and household items to ranks E1-E5. Also, they maintain a food pantry for Soldiers referred by their Chaplain, Commanders, or Social Workers. For more information call (580) 355-5520.



Medical records are no longer hand-carried by Soldiers when making a permanent change in duty station. Records will be mailed to the new Military Treatment Facility once the Soldier brings a copy of his/her orders to Outpatient Records. Only Soldiers on recruitment orders, going to a remote location or overseas are authorized to hand-carry records. If family members are 18 years or older, access to their medical information must be authorized through a signed notification with identification, but hand-carried by them only. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call (580) 558-2105/2101 for assistance.



Patient Advocates assist patients and Family Members to resolve their health care concerns, by serving as a liaison between the patient and staff. They also welcome compliments about any quality service you received. This helps us recognize staff who are performing well and to find ways to improve our services as needed throughout the facility. You can contact the Patient Advocates at (580) 558-2390/2483/3161 or e-mail at



Patient Affairs is responsible for processing all medical boards for Soldiers whose military career has been interrupted by an injury or illness. They arrange fit-for-duty physicals for all Guard Soldiers as well as line of duty preparation for Soldiers who acquire an injury while on Active Duty. Soldiers placed on Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL) are scheduled for appointments and processed through Patient Affairs. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For assistance, call (580) 558-3149/2747/2746. Patient Affairs Branch and the Chief of Patient Administration Division are located on the third floor of the hospital.




The WIC Program is a nutrition and education program based on income level for pregnant and postpartum women, infants and children. The office is located inside the Comanche County Health Department, 1010 SW Sheridan Road, Lawton, and is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For assistance, call (580) 585-6625 or (800) 788-3628.

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