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Rock Island Arsenal’s Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center designed and created the new U.S. Army signs welcoming employees and visitors to the arsenal. The center is developing a process to cast similar products using the Army’s only foundry, located within the center. The casting process will reduce costs as more installations adopt the new sign template. (Courtesy photo)


Rock Island Arsenal does not have a centralized reception center. Unit in-processing checklists and instructions for in-processing will be obtained from your unit S1 upon arrival. Installation in-processing checklists will be obtained from the Military Personnel Division at the arsenal. The Military Personnel Division will execute the iPERMS personnel and finance record review during your in-processing and upon arrival.

The following documents are required when in-processing with the Military Personnel Division: three copies of your orders to include amendments; DA Form 31 (with appropriate signatures); and a copy of your latest leave and earnings statement. If applicable, you will also need all appropriate dependency determination documents (i.e., marriage and birth certificates, guardianship and court documents, etc.).

For more information on in-processing with your specific unit, visit


All employees who have relocated from another government installation to Rock Island Arsenal should meet with the benefits adviser and the permanent change of station officer in the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center in Building 102 on the second floor of the southwest wing. Call 309-782-1852 for more information.

Do not forget to have the following relevant documents with you while moving: several copies of your PCS orders, official birth certificates, immunization records, school transcripts, medical and dental records, wills, powers of attorney, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, adoption decrees, naturalization papers, social security cards, car titles and shipping papers (if coming from overseas), car insurance policy information, driver’s licenses, car registrations, household goods shipping inventories, employment records and references, and pet records.

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