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Child Development Centers

Child Development Centers provide care for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Nationally accredited full-day and pre-kindergarten programs are available at Rock Island Arsenal.

Rock Island Arsenal has three Child Development Centers at 3679 King Drive in buildings 11, 15 and 16. For more information on these centers, visit

Family Child Care

The Army Family Child Care program is a child care option offered in homes both on and off post by authorized military family members and qualified civilians working as independent contractors. FCC homes provide flexible hours and comfortable family settings. Most offer full-day, part-day and hourly care. Special services may include 24-hour and long-term care during mobilization and training exercises, evening and weekend care, and care for newborns, children with special needs and those that are mildly ill.

The same regulations and safety guidelines enforced in CYS Services child care centers apply to FCC homes. All providers have regular safety, fire and regulation compliance inspections, and once a month, a FCC staff member conducts a visit to each FCC home, ensuring a high-quality, safe and developmentally appropriate atmosphere for the children. Providers and family members 12 years of age and over are vetted through a stringent background investigation to include FBI and National Agency checks.

Family Child Care offers a 15 percent cost savings for patrons over Child Development Center and School Age Center fees. The program also offers an opportunity for spouses to contribute to the family income while caring for their own children.

For more information, call 309-782-0813 or visit

School Age Programs

The School Age Center, at 3954 Rodman Ave., provides care during school closures and seasonal and holiday school breaks for children in kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade (depending on the school configuration). Children have access to computer labs and utilize standard curricula through formal partnerships with nationally recognized organizations such as 4-H and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Summer programs and day camp activities are available for elementary children and middle school students (grades 6-7). Activities include swimming, bowling, skating, field trips, crafts, 4-H activities and computer time.

For more information, visit

School Support Services

School Support Services provides Army school-aged youth with educational opportunities, resources and information necessary to achieve academic success. School Support Services is home to the School Liaison Office, where school liaison officers help deliver the best educational resources and information for your children.

School liaison officers specialize in education transitions, and make sure incoming and exiting families have information about local schools, graduation requirements, after-school services and programs, youth sponsorship programs and home schooling.

School Support Services is at 3438 Rodman Ave. on the first floor of Building 110 in the east wing. For more information, call 309-782-6515 or visit

Youth Sports and Fitness Programs

Youth sports and fitness programs provide team sports, individual sports, and fitness and health programs. Pre-registration and sports-specific physicals are required for sports and fitness programs. For more information, visit

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