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Advanced Space Operations School
ASOPS expands space system understanding by providing world-class, in-depth instruction of space systems, capabilities, requirements, acquisition, strategies and policies to support joint military operations and U.S. national security. Advanced course offerings in missile warning and defense, satellite communications, advanced orbital mechanics and intercontinental ballistic missiles are designed to train and educate space professionals in space warfighting tactics, techniques and procedures and enhance subject matter expertise in the review, development and evaluation of new TTPs where appropriate. Furthermore, ASOPS offers several courses designed to introduce non-space professional students to space issues, policy, capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities though various fundamental courses. Finally, AOPS is responsible for courses designed to educate space professionals on broad based space applications with an emphasis on theater integration in order to prepare them for theater operations, other operational space assignments or continued training at the Air Force Warfare Center through rigorous course offering such as the Director of Space Forces course, Space Warfighter Preparation course, the Joint Space Operations Center course and Weapons School Preparation course. 

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