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Integration Division

Integration Division

Integration Division 

The Integration Division brings space to the fight by focusing on the integration of air, space and information operations to create aerospace power for warfighters. ID operates two specialized facilities. The Distributed Mission Operations Center for Space conducts exercises and mission rehearsals in support of current day operations and provides machine-to-machine interfaces to present exercise status to players as if it were real world. DMOC-S support includes space injects such as missile launches, blue force tracking data and Combat Search and Rescue injects. The DMOC-S is designed to provide integration support and testing. The Aerospace Fusion Center provides real time data fusion systems for targeting, intelligence, weapons of mass destruction warning and enhanced missile defense operations. 

ID’s war gaming branch promotes the understanding and effective use of space power through modeling, simulation and analysis. A principal focus of the division is to provide models, simulations and operators for space participation in war games and exercises. Currently, the branch supports CAF exercises and Title 10 war games by providing missile threat and warning models, GPS navigation accuracy models and space operational and analytical expertise. 


Space Test Integration Office 
The Space Test Integration Office creates structured interfaces between developmental and operational test organizations, bridging gaps between the Space Innovation and Development Center, Space and Missile Systems Center, Electronic Systems Center and other test and logistics centers. The STIO is the command focal point for strengthening Integrated Test Team processes and is responsible for enhancing warfighting capability through the effective integration of operational and developmental testing within the acquisition life-cycle of space and missile forces. 

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