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Air Force Space Command Space Innovation and Development Center
The Space Innovation and Development Center at Schriever AFB is “unlocking the potential” as premier innovators, integrators and operational testers of air, space and cyberspace power to the warfighter. The center’s mission is to advance full-spectrum warfare through rapid innovation, integration, training, testing and experimentation. In the fall of 1992, an Air Force Blue Ribbon Panel on space recommended establishing a dedicated Space Warfare Center to exploit the capabilities of space-based assets. Combat operations during Operation Desert Storm relied on space support more than in any past conflict; however, an analysis of these operations revealed shortfalls in the Air Force’s ability to leverage space capabilities. In order to better exploit space capabilities, the SWC was stood-up and officially dedicated on Nov. 1, 1993. On March 1, 2006, the SWC was redesignated the SIDC. 

The SIDC supports today’s joint fight by expeditiously transitioning innovative combat effects to the warfighter. The center also improves exploitation of air, space and cyberspace capabilities through war gaming exercises, experiments and space range development. The SIDC provides independent, thorough space and missile operational testing results for Headquarters Air Force Space Command. 

The SIDC is comprised of the 595th Space Group, the Advanced Space Operations School and three divisions: the Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities, the Integration Division and the Plans, Programs and Requirements Division. The organizations work together to conduct war gaming; to integrate space into exercises and experiments; to rapidly prototype, field and exploit integrated air, space and cyberspace capabilities; to provide advanced space testing, training and range infrastructure; and to execute AFSPC Force Development Evaluation and Operational Test programs. 

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