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Welcome to Schriever
Air Force Base, Colorado
The daily mission here takes the 50th Space Wing to all parts of the world and deep into space. The wing operates satellite operations centers at Schriever AFB and remote tracking stations around the world.

Colorado Springs, the second largest city in Colorado, boasts long and proud traditions with the military bases that are established here. They are the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson Army Post, Peterson AFB, Cheyenne Mountain AFS and Schriever AFB.

The information in this base guide will help make your assignment or visit a pleasant one. Everyone here is ready to answer your questions and eager to help you in any way possible. We are happy you have joined us.

Reporting In
Report to or call the installation Military Personnel Section to schedule an in-processing appointment. Our technicians will coordinate with your squadron’s POC to ensure that we can align you into the correct position number, AEF alignment, rater, AFSC, and office symbol. During the actual in-processing we will coordinate the schedule for your base in-processing actions (Right Start brief, finance, medical, etc). Call the Military Personnel Section at (719) 567-5900 or DSN: 560-5900 or visit us at Bldg 210, Room137.

Pass and Registration
Everyone assigned to Schriever AFB will need to report to Pass and Registration, Bldg. 15, just northwest of the North Gate on Enoch Road. You will need a copy of your orders, driver’s license, auto insurance and registration. Temporary passes are issued in some cases. Also, please note that Schriever AFB, like all Department of Defense installations, does not permit drivers to talk on cellular phones without a hands-free device.

No accommodations are available on Schriever AFB for visiting or permanently assigned personnel. Peterson AFB, located approximately 10 miles west of Schriever AFB, provides support to Schriever AFB for billeting. To make reservations, call (719) 556-6293 or DSN: 834-6293.

Schriever now offers Privatized Housing for all ranks. Visit for more information on amenities to the homes and community, as well as any updates to the availability of housing. Tierra Vista Communities Property Management Office as well as the government housing staff is located in the community center within the Privatized Housing area. Tierra Vista Property Management can be reached at (719) 597-7200 and the government housing office can be reached at (719) 567-2884/2683 or DSN: 560-2884/2683.

There are no dormitories for single Airmen at Schriever AFB. All single E-1 to E-4s (with less than three years of service) must reside on Peterson AFB. Transportation between PAFB and SAFB is provided. For more information, contact the unaccompanied personnel housing manager at (719) 556-1409.

Incoming Personal Property
Those expecting a personal property shipment to arrive in the Colorado Springs area may call the inbound branch of the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office at (719) 554-9298 or DSN: 692-9298. Making immediate contact with JPPSO can help disperse property more quickly and may alleviate the need for storage. Please note that due to the security posture at Schriever AFB, the military member or authorized personnel/dependent must sponsor all moving vans onto the installation at the West Gate on Curtis Road.

50th Space Wing Security Forces does not courtesy-store privately owned fire-arms. Special arrangements to bring ­privately owned weapons on base for special situations can be made on a case-by-case basis. For more information, call Security Forces at (719) 567-3900 or DSN: 560-3900.

Speed limit
Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit at Schriever AFB is 25 miles per hour. Pedestrians have the right of way in all cases. All base traffic regulations are strictly enforced.

Photography is not permitted on most parts of Schriever AFB without prior coordination. For more information, contact the 50th Space Wing Public Affairs Office, Building 210, Room 316 at (719) 567-5040 or DSN: 560-5040.

Police Assistance
For non-emergency police assistance on Schriever AFB, contact (719) 567-5643/5642/5641. For emergency assistance on Schriever AFB, dial 911 from any base phone and 567-3911 from cell phones. Note: If you dial 911 from your cell phone, you will be transferred to the nearest off base 911 center.

Safe Highway Program
While the Safe Highway program is designed as an avenue for the base populace to report unsafe driving acts, Security Forces has no jurisdictional control or enforcement authority over acts committed off the installation. Security Forces recommends that if you see an unsafe driving act or condition off Schriever AFB, contact the Colorado State Patrol free of charge from any cell phone at *CSP (277).

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