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U&I-RISE : Parent Education and Empowerment
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There is not a universal process that equips people to be effective parents. Have you ever thought about the impact of that?

And we Black parents, because of our collective experience in this country, are uniquely and even more negatively impacted by this societal failing.

Luckily for me, I was in the right place at the right time while my children were still young. I learned some critical parenting information that equipped me to 1) help my children succeed academically, 2) minimize/resolve problem behavior, 3) teach them to work together, 4) lay a solid foundation for their future families, and 5) enjoy my Parenting journey. Now my grown children and I are fulfilling our goal of making and transferring Black wealth, knowledge and tools from generation to generation.

Because I am a natural teacher (I knew I was a teacher when I was 7 years old), I was able to capture the information I learned, systematize it, and present in an easily-implementable format.

Tapping Our Parental Power is a 15-hour workshop for Black parents of pre-K thru 8th graders. Parents in all different circumstances who have completed Tapping Our Parental Power say it has been one of the best investments in their family they ever made.

What a powerful feeling; knowing you are creating a strong, clear and positive legacy for your children, grandchildren and great-grands.

If you would like more information, click to schedule a 20-minute info session – [ssa_booking type=Tapping Our Parental Power Information Session]  /

I’ve helped hundreds of Black parents of pre-K thru 8th graders who dealt with:

  • Fear of our children’s future because of this society’s unjust treatment
  • Guilt, Embarrassment and/or Shame from past parenting mistakes
  • Frustration about disrespect, calls from school about discipline and/or failing grades, etc.
  • Overwhelm from single parenting
  • Feeling drained from disagreement with the other parent about how to raise / discipline
  • A yearning to strengthen family relationships and build a legacy that lasts generations.


Tapping Our Parental Power equips parents to:

  • Prepare our children to excel in school (regardless of the current condition),
  • Heal our family relationships (regardless of the current condition),
  • Recognize and break dysfunctional family behaviors resulting from current and historical trauma our people have gone through in this country,
  • Correct “bad” child behavior and parenting mistakes we may have made, and
  • Discover / Rediscover the joy of Parenting.

If you would like to know more, click here to schedule a Tapping Our Parental Power Information Session via Zoom. Click here to register – [ssa_booking type=Tapping Our Parental Power Information Session] /

Don’t let avoidance and doubt allow you to pass this up. At least invest 20 minutes to see what it is. In fact, I welcome your brutal feedback. We don’t know each other, so you can be honest (wink).

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