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4th “Fun Squad-ron” focuses on improving SJAFB fitness culture

4th “Fun Squad-ron” focuses on improving SJAFB fitness culture

Story by A1C Victoria Boyton on 01/31/2019

The 4th Force Support Squadron, nicknamed the “4th Fun Squad-ron,” has taken major steps to improve the fitness culture at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base to help enhance the Air Force’s “Fit to Fight” standards.
Improvements to the gym include expanding 24-hour access to all areas of the fitness center, installing new equipment, and subsidizing the Unit Physical Training Facilities located at various flight shops around the base.
“The need for this new equipment was identified by our fitness center manager, Mr. Shango Sheffield, and his team of fitness professionals a few months ago,” said Lt. Col. Kristina Rennie, 4th FSS commander. “The new equipment was valued at $138,000 and was fully funded by the Air Force Activity Services.”
More than 800 customers use the fitness center on a daily basis. The first batch of new equipment was installed at the fitness facility Jan. 30. It included 19 treadmills, five rowers, three spin bikes and a variety of both incline and decline weight benches.
“We are getting the equipment settled in and making space for all of the new equipment, where the fitness center isn’t cluttered but still offers a variety of equipment,” said Staff Sgt. Walter Joseph, 4th FSS fitness supervisor.
The fitness center staff reorganized the facility to help focus the variety of rooms to include a designated functional fitness room, free weight room, children’s area and cardio room, added Joseph.
UPTFs, or satellite gyms, around the base have acquired most of the replaced equipment.
Staff Sgt. Britney Robinson, 4th FSS fitness and sports supervisor, said the satellite gyms provide Airmen unable to leave work the opportunity to still work out.
Master Sgt. Ka-Leah Mozel, 4th Fighter Wing command and control superintendent, expressed her appreciation about the base command post getting equipment from the fitness center.
“Receiving the new equipment affords the command and control operators the opportunity to maintain both their fitness goals and the requirement of staying at their post,” stated Mozel.
The fitness improvements around base will help benefit all Airmen by helping them maintain and hopefully exceed their fitness goals, Joseph added.
Future enhancement goals to base fitness include the arrival of additional fitness equipment to the base gym and increasing the number of satellite gyms around base.

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