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782nd Training Group

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The 782nd Training Group has four squadrons, three detachments and two operating locations that support training for Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps military, civilians and foreign students. Three squadrons conduct the technical training of 13,300 students annually. Training in six career field families includes: telecommunications, aircraft systems, avionics, civil engineer, fuels and vehicle operations. The fourth squadron is a training support squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, which provides Combat Camera, video production and interactive multimedia instruction to Air Force and DOD customers around the world. The director of training and education, training operations and training evaluations provide additional technical and administrative support to the group.


  • The Air Force’s most diverse training squadron.
  • Develops and conducts operational training in aircraft systems electrical and envi- ronmental, hydraulics, POL fuels and telecommunications career fields.
  • Trains more than 3,700 U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine personnel and international military and civilian Depart- ment of Defense students annually.
  • Responsible for 24 resident training teams, three mobile teams and one Operating Location at Fort Lee, Virginia.
  • Develops and manages eight Career Development Courses.


  • Air Force Center of Excellence for avionics training.
  • Develops and conducts technical and military training in 11 avionics specialties.
  • Trains more than 1,618 military, Defense Department civilian and international students annually.
  • Responsible for 14 resident and 17 nonresident Career Development Courses.


  • Develops and conducts technical and military training for more than 8,000 Air Force and international military and Defense Department civilian personnel annually in 86 civil engineer and vehicle operator res- ident courses.
  • Maintains 13 mobile training teams and 36 career development courses executed worldwide.
  • Manages more than $170 million in equipment and facilities.
  • Responsible for training at the Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal School at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, the Naval Construction Training Center at Gulfport, Mississippi, and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
  • Two operating locations and more than 330 military and civilian personnel assigned.


  • Develops and conducts technical and military training for more than 2,800 Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines in four specialties including pavements and equipment, engineering, emergency management and ground transportation.
  • Manages $7.5 million in vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Provides instruction for nine apprentice, four supplemental and three mobile training team courses.
  • Based at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
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