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Training Operations


This wing staff agency serves as the single point of control for all Sheppard technical and military training issues for the wing com- mander and higher headquarters and supports training for more than 65,000 Air Force, DOD and international students annually. TO is organized into six subordinate areas: Training Operations Oversight (TOO), Faculty Develop- ment (TOF), Military Training Support (TOM), Transition Flight (TOT), Registrar (TOR) and International Military Student Office (TOI). These functional areas provide oversight for resources, policy development, training flow management, training technology, standardization and evaluation, and foreign disclosure; develop, manage and deliver AETC standard- ized training courses and Air Force courses for wing faculty, staff and other students; provide oversight and support to Training Squadron (TRS) MTLs on all matters pertaining to mili- tary training; work closely with owning squadon and base support agencies to expedite NPS separation, court-martial or re-entry into training; administer Registrar functions for TO/82/782/982 TRGs; and administratively manage international students entered into wing training courses. Additionally, TOO serves as the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for four contracts.

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