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Destiny Christian School
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At DCS, we believe in learning beyond books, loving beyond words, and living beyond tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to help each individual find God’s very best plan for their life and future. 
­- Your children can attend the same school from early childhood through senior graduation.
– ­Fully accredited through ACTS and OPSAC, accrediting organizations recognized by the State of Oklahoma, as well as North Central, a national accrediting organization.
– ­Faculty professionally trained, certified, and degreed to teach at their grade level.
­- Traditional classrooms that stimulate engaged active learning and critical thinking.
– ­Special academic programs to help students with special needs.
­- State­ of­ the­ art technology infrastructure and computer training that keeps pace with today’s digital world and tomorrow’s workforce.
– ­Fine arts program includes visual arts, dramatic arts, music, and band.
– ­A physical education program beginning in the elementary grades and team sports competing in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, softball, track, and volleyball.
– ­Lunch program with meals available daily at a reasonable price.
– ­Interdenominational with an emphasis on fundamental Biblical principles, developing a Christian worldview and Christian character. 
Go through the website and/or information packet for information about DCS and our tuition/fee schedule for this year. 
Request an interview and tour of DCS. We feel this a vital part of the process for you to learn more about our school and for us to learn more about you so we can make an informed decision regarding the very best for your child’s educational needs. 
Fill out the application form and pay the registration fee in order to reserve your child’s spot in the classroom.
Registration begins February 1 for returning students and March 1 for new students each year.
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