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Passing of the flag, Army Depot’s new senior leader takes command

Passing of the flag, Army Depot’s new senior leader takes command

Story by Alexandria Soller on 06/28/2019

In a time-honored tradition, Col. John McDonald, assumed command of Tobyhanna Army Depot, becoming the 33rd commander, during a change of command ceremony on June 17.

The traditional military ceremony, which includes the passing of the depot’s flag, took place before hundreds of depot employees, representatives of federal, state and local government, and family members.

U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) commander Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor presided at the event.

Former depot commander Col. Nathan M. Swartz, who departed for his next assignment with the Joint Staff Operations Directorate at the Pentagon, received the Army’s Legion of Merit award for his outstanding performance as commander of the depot from August 2017 to June 2019.

Taylor challenged McDonald to carry forward the accomplishments that Swartz, other predecessor commanders and Team Tobyhanna have set in motion.

“Continue their relentless focus on readiness and modernization, ensure the Soldier’s ability to shoot, move and communicate; and make accountability and doing what’s right for our Soldiers, Civilians, and their families the cornerstone of your command,” said Taylor.

McDonald expressed his eagerness in taking on this role, affirming, “I recognize I was chosen for this job on potential, but I promise to prove myself by performance.”

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