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Tobyhanna recognizes current, past interns on National Intern Day

Tobyhanna recognizes current, past interns on National Intern Day

Story by Danielle Weinschenk on 07/25/2019

Team Tobyhanna applauds the contributions of dozens of student trainees hired to perform a variety of jobs that impact Army readiness. Today is National Intern Day. Created in 2017, the holiday is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating future leaders. Officials here have employed more than 500 students since the depot’s intern program launched in 1999.

“In addition to providing excellent career opportunities for students and recent grads, the Pathways Program has greatly helped to raise awareness of Tobyhanna Army Depot and its mission” said Dave Jadick, former Pathways Program coordinator.

The Pathways Program is designed to provide streamlined Federal employment opportunities for students and recent graduates. Current students can participate in the Internship Program for summer jobs while recent graduates can apply for permanent jobs at Tobyhanna.

University of Wisconsin student Anietie Essen works in the Production Engineering Directorate’s Mission Modernization Branch. He works alongside mechanical engineers who plan and manage depot modernization projects such as the ongoing renovation of mission space in Building 4, Bay 2.

“Interning at Tobyhanna allows me to gain experience working with people from all walks of life,” said Essen. “While we have different agendas, we have one goal: supporting the warfighter.”

Nicolette Lucas is a first-time Tobyhanna intern and serves as a member of the depot roads and grounds crew. The full-time nursing student at Thomas Jefferson University applied for the Pathways Program to find fulfilling summer work. Lucas says she prefers working outdoors, contributing to the mission as opposed to sitting at a desk.

The Pathways Program also employs interns in the “second act” of their careers. Travis Heller lives with a combat-related disability. No longer able to serve on active duty, he enrolled at Lackawanna College. The Air Force veteran was hired as a Pathways intern and works in the Systems Integration and Support Directorate’s Mobile Electric Power and Electronic Control Unit Branch.

“This is the closest I can get to serving without being enlisted,” Heller said, noting that he’s thankful for the opportunity to gain work experience. “The adventure continues.”

After graduation, many interns secure permanent employment at Tobyhanna. Electronics Engineer Katelin Moran came aboard as a Pathways student in 2015. She works in the Quality Management Office’s Quality Assurance Branch.

“Tobyhanna’s Pathways program provided me a clear career path as well as the opportunity to gain insight on all levels of the organization’s operations. Even though Tobyhanna was more than 1,300 miles from home, this job was worth moving for,” she said.

Students interested in future internship opportunities with Team Tobyhanna can apply through USAJobs at For more information, students can visit the Office of Personnel Management website at

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