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Nolan’s Dreams is a tale of two boys who have different handicaps. Nolan with an undeveloped hand and Sean with a learning disability. The message of this book is respect.  The two boys meet and realize they can help each other. With their different challenges in life they meet by chance and succeed in teaching each other, their family and friends that no matter what challenges may face you they can be overcome.  The challenges need to be understood, not ignored. It is about learning from, each other’s differences accepting their differences, opinions and most of all is respecting each other.  They learn from each other how to succeed.

Through this book Janice hopes to be able to teach young children the power of mentoring a friend in need, instead of making fun of them because of their differences. When we respect one another we learn from one other. Together we can walk hand in hand and make a difference in this world that will last a lifetime and for the next generations to come.

Available in Paperback; Hardback and Kindle formats

Nolan’s Monsters was published by Authors Press. The company is not only a self-publishing company who has been assisting Ms. Tingley with the publication of her books. But also assist her in maximizing the exposure of her book and walk her works into the hands of readers; book lovers and Key Decision Makers in the literary company. Authors Press utilizes online platforms and physically presents Ms. Tingley’s work in various book events and the company’s own bookstore, Creative Books

Nolan’s Monsters: At bedtime, my mother would go into my room and read a story until I fall asleep. When Nolan wakes up in the middle of the night, he would imagine five little monsters jumping on his bed. Nolan’s Monsters is a charming story about a little boy named Nolan. Nolan used his imagination to cope with his fear of sleeping alone by using shape and counting numbers. This is a richly illustrated book by the author.

Available in Paperback and Hardback formats

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