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Financial Educators Wanted
Financial Educators Wanted
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who are equipped to teach financial literacy in communities all over the world—starting with North America.

CURRENTLY we have Almost 10,000 licensed agents.

The WealthWave team has leaders in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, who have now reached approximately 250,000 individuals with financial literacy training.


OUR NEXT MILESTONE is 100,000 licensed agents

At critical mass, our expanding team of educators will run daily financial literacy classes in all major cities, creating a surge of education that will begin to elevate national statistics on financial literacy.



To eradicate financial illiteracy worldwide so families can dream again.

All successful missions start with a clear vision and the right leaders who are just as experienced and capable as they are passionate and persistent. WealthWave has the clear vision and the core leaders to accomplish its mission.

Yes, we use the term “army” because we need boots on the ground. But make no mistake—it’s also because our mission is a battle to help the little guy win against a powerful industry that very often puts itself first.


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Shane McGregor

Financial Educator

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Email: shane.mcgregor@wealthwave.com


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