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Deploment Readiness Programs

Deploment Readiness Programs

Our Family Readiness NCO can assist you and your family in preparing for deployment, unaccompanied remote tours, or TDYs more than 30 days. Information applies to single members, as well as those with dependents. For assistance, call (707) 424-2486, or schedule an appointment online at

Readiness Expo 
The Readiness Expo is held every Friday for service members deploying for 30 days or more. This seminar discusses how to prepare yourself and your family for deployment and separation as well as discussing homecoming tips, what to expect, reconnecting with your loved ones, accepting change, communication skills and much more. The briefing covers OPSEC and provides refresher training for members who deploy regularly. The legal office, readiness NCO, finance, chapel, mental health and American Red Cross are all participants in the Readiness Expo.

Family Readiness Expo
For spouses of deploying service members, this expo is held every Friday in conjunction with the Readiness Expo. This seminar discusses how to prepare the family for deployment and separation, the Deployment Cycle, and connecting with resources and activities while separated from the deployed spouse. Children are welcome.

Pre-Deployment Briefing 
This briefing is provided to service members who are being deployed on short notice and don’t have the opportunity to attend the weekly Readiness Expo.

Post Deployment 
Reintegration Briefing 
Mandatory for those deployed for 30 days or more. Identifies adjustment issues associated with reintegration back into the family, friends and work and is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a.m. at the DGMC Auditorium.

Heart Link 
Workshop focuses on providing new military spouses with basic knowledge of rank, Air Force structure, chain of command, military pay and acronyms. Clear up the myths and receive a better understanding of Air Force benefits and services. It’s Air Force 101 from A to Z. Receive multiple briefings from various agencies such as legal, protocol and TriWest. Breakfast and lunch is provided. This workshop is held once a quarter.

Hearts Apart/Deployed 
Spouses Dinner
Hearts Apart events are held monthly through the Airman & Family Readiness Center to support the families of deployed, extended TDY and remote tour members. Events include the quarterly Deployed Spouse Dinner, and monthly social get-togethers that include local community outings with special rates for spouses and families of deployed members.
Family Separation Program 
(Remote/Unaccompanied PCS) 
Contact is made by the A&FRC to spouses of active-duty Air Force members who are on a remote or unaccompanied permanent change of station tour. Contact is made approximately 30 days after the start of the members tour.

Letter Writing Kits 
The Airman & Family Readiness Center has a letter writing kit for military members to use when they are deployed or serving a remote tour. Kits include stationary, stickers, envelopes, writing tips, games and activities for adults and children. This kit is neatly bundled for easy packing or sending.

Morale Call Program 
Military member or DAF civilians must be serving on an unaccompanied status overseas, in a remote geographic location, or performing extended temporary duty for more than 30 days. Callers must be immediate family and will need to provide the following information: name, organization and data source name telephone number of military or Department of Air Force member. Morale calls should be placed Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Holidays and weekends are optimal for connections and service. Callers must limit their calls to 15 minutes once a week. Emergencies are the exception. Incoming DSN morale calls can only be connected within the Travis dialing area (i.e., Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville and Cordelia). If calls being requested are outside the Travis dialing area, callers may be connected to AT&T, MCI or SPRINT commercial telephone operators and must use their commercial telephone calling cards. Long distance costs to customers will be from Travis to respective destinations only. Call (707) 424-1110 to place a morale call.

Readiness Classes 
Personal Preparedness Briefing 
(Family Readiness Briefing) 
One time requirement for all AMC personnel assigned to Travis AFB, briefed at Newcomer’s Orientation and First Term Airmen Center. The class prepares individuals and their families for TDYs, deployments or any event that might cause separation from family and friends.

Key Spouse Program 
This program trains military spouses to volunteer as a liaison between squadron leadership and squadron families to ensure needs are being met, especially during times of family separation (deployments and TDYs). The training provides guidance and resources to spouses who have been appointed by the squadron commander.


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