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Travis AFB Employment and Economy in Solano County


The county boasts a mix of rural and suburban lifestyles, with ready access to urban amenities given its location between San Francisco and Sacramento. The county is particularly attractive to business as three of its largest cities — Vallejo, Fairfield and Vacaville — are positioned along the Interstate 80 freeway corridor. The area’s rolling hillsides, waterfronts and farmland contribute to Solano County’s success in agriculture. In fact, approximately 80 percent of the county’s land is dedicated to open space and agriculture, as the county limits commercial and residential development outside its cities. Beyond its thriving agricultural pursuits, the county has successful biotechnology and health care industries. Other major employers include Travis Air Force Base, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Jelly Belly Candy Co. and Guittard Chocolate Co.

Solano County is considered a high cost of living area. The cost of living index is 138.5 (the U.S. average is 100). Median household income in the county is $69,227, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The state income tax rate varies based on your income bracket. Fortunately, with a strategic location, affordable housing, enviable natural resources and attractive quality of life, Solano County is a promising place to work, live and play.


Solano County has a highly diversified agricultural industry, with more than 80 commodities, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, seeds, nursery products and livestock. According to the Solano County Crop and Livestock Report, the gross value of the county’s agricultural production in 2016 was approximately $347 million. Although overall production values decreased from the previous year, as California faced its fifth year of statewide drought, Solano County growers were able to maintain farm gate values that were higher than pre-drought values. Walnuts, nursery products and almonds were the top three crops. Tomatoes, alfalfa, grapes, sunflower seeds, sheep and lambs, cattle and calves rounded out the top 10 commodities. Sheep farming has been an important part of the county’s farming economy for more than 160 years. In fact, the county is one of the top sheep and lamb producing counties in the entire state.

The county has also joined the organic farming movement, with more than 40 registered organic farms. Organic produce includes berries, herbs, fruits, vegetables, microgreens, nuts, cut flowers and olive oil. Organic eggs and poultry were also produced.

Overall, the county is ranked 27th out of 58 counties in agricultural production. With such a variety of produce, it’s no wonder that the area is home to many farmers markets. For more information on local certified farmers markets, visit the county’s website at

Health Care and Biotechnology

Solano County is home to a number of medical facilities, offering a variety of occupations in the health care field. Major county employers include the California Medical Facility and NorthBay VacaValley Hospital in Vacaville; NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield; and Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Solano Medical Center in Vallejo.

Biotechnology is also a growing industry in Solano County. The Vacaville Genentech Inc. site is one of the world’s largest biotechnology manufacturing plants for the large-scale production of pharmaceutical proteins from mammalian cells. Located on 100 acres, the Genentech facility has more than 427,000 square feet of space for manufacturing, maintenance, laboratories, office space and warehousing.

Travis Air Force Base

Travis Air Force Base is one of the county’s top employers, with approximately 26,205 military and civilian employees. The base is estimated to have an annual economic impact of $1.65 billion, according to the fiscal 2016 Travis Air Force Base economic impact analysis.

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