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The 60th Air Mobility Wing is the largest air mobility organization in terms of personnel in the Air Force with a versatile all-jet fleet of C-5M Super Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft and KC-10 Extender refueling aircraft. As host unit for Travis Air Force Base, the wing controls more than $11 billion in total resources, including aircraft and support facilities, on nearly 6,500 acres of land. The wing consists of four groups: the 60th Operations Group, 60th Maintenance Group, 60th Mission Support Group and 60th Medical Group, which includes the David Grant USAF Medical Center.


The 349th Air Mobility Wing is the largest associate wing in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. The missions of the wing’s aircrews include airlifting personnel and material worldwide as well as aerial refueling a wide variety of aircraft.

The wing is comprised of four groups and a wing staff element. The 349th Operations Group provides the crews that fly the wing’s KC-10, C-5 and C-17 aircraft. The 349th Maintenance Group is responsible for aircraft maintenance and aerial port operations. The 349th Mission Support Group provides support to the wing’s mission and its airmen. The 349th Medical Group works with the 60th Medical Group at the David Grant USAF Medical Center.

The 349th Air Mobility Wing provides combat-ready airmen and expeditionary support to the war fighter. This makes the wing responsible for training approximately 3,000 reservists who, in turn, work side by side their active-duty counterparts in the 60th Air Mobility Wing.


The 621st Contingency Response Wing was established in March 2005 and is based at Travis Air Force Base and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. The wing consists of approximately 1,500 airmen in three groups, 11 squadrons and more than 20 geographically separated operating locations aligned with major Army and Marine Corps combat units. The wing maintains a ready corps of light, lean and agile mobility support forces able to respond as directed by the 18th Air Force at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, in order to meet wartime and humanitarian requirements.

The wing is highly specialized in training and rapidly deploying personnel to quickly open airfields and establish, expand, sustain and coordinate air mobility operations. From wartime taskings to disaster relief, the 621st extends Air Mobility Command’s reach in deploying people and equipment around the globe.

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