Air Con Cleaning Special

Poorly maintained air-conditioning (AC) systems are one of the major causes of air pollution indoors. Neglecting to perform routine maintenance on AC units can lead to various issues that consequently result in airborne pollutants and compromised air quality. Some of these issues include the buildup of dust, mold, spores, pet debris, and other harmful compounds detrimental to our respiratory system. The COVID-19 pandemic added additional concern as the virus can possibly spread through airborne transmission. Aerosols are produced when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes and viral particles can survive in the air for up to three hours. Regular and thorough cleanings will reduce contaminants spread through AC systems.

When your air conditioner is operating, it pulls in the air within your rooms to be cooled. As this happens, any dirt that has built up in your rooms can get caught up in your system’s airflow. That dirt travels through your return ducts until it encounters your air filter. If you have a good and clean air filter, the dirt should get trapped by the filter and only clean air should move on past it. If your filter is dirty or inefficient, dirt can bypass your filter and build upon your air conditioner components. 60 day special of $168.00 per unit.

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