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BG Crawford F. Sams U.S. Army Health Clinic

BG Crawford F. Sams U.S. Army Health Clinic

Pacific Health US Army Medical Department Activity Japan BG Crawford F. Sams US Army Health Clinic



The Medical Department Activity-Japan (MEDDAC-J), located at Camp Zama, Japan, operates as a freestanding ambulatory care facility and is part of the Regional Health Command-Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii, proudly serving and supporting the U.S. Army Japan (USARJ) community. Our mission is to optimize readiness through safe, patient-centered quality care to all of our beneficiaries.

As the Senior Army Mission Command, USARJ is accountable for approximately 10,160 ‘Army-affiliated assets’ in Japan. The USARJ and I Corps (FWD) staff of 305 personnel (consisting of Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians, and local national employees), provides mission command for these assets. MEDDAC-J is medically responsible for approximately 4,400 USARJand I Corps (FWD) Soldiers, civilian employees, and family members located in Japan.

On an average day, BG Crawford F. Sams U.S. Army Health Clinic (CFSHC) provides services for approximately 343 clinic visits: 84 primary care outpatient appointments, 12 behavioral health/FAP, 11 optometry, 12 physical therapy, 14 preventive medicine/occupational health, 93 pharmacy prescriptions, 99 laboratory services, four radiology services, three host nation specialty referrals and 11 translation services.


On March 11, 2011, the Tohoku earthquake struck Japan with a 9.0 magnitude intensity, one of highest magnitude earthquakes ever to strike the country. The earthquake triggered a massive tsunami which destroyed many of the coastal towns in northern Japan with waves that reached as high as 124 feet and traveled nearly 6 miles inland. In response to this natural disaster, MEDDAC-J personnel engaged in Operation Tomodachi as part of the relief and humanitarian aid efforts in the Sendai area. During this time, the MEDDAC-J team played a critical role in the successful accomplishment of three major disaster relief operations conducted in response to the earthquake. These included voluntary evacuation of non-mission essential personnel to locations outside Japan; advanced issuing of potassium iodide tablets for protective measures for all USARJ/USAG-J personnel and Japanese nationals should the damage to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima worsen; and the deployment of medical assets with the USARJ Disaster Assessment Team to Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Camp Sendai for disaster assessment and humanitarian assistance. MEDDAC-J was recognized for its contribution by receiving the Army Superior Unit Award (ASUA) from the Department of the Army on November 28, 2011, for its selfless contributions during Operation Tomodachi.


  • Family Medicine/Medical Readiness/Immunizations
  • Optometry
  • Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Family Advocacy
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Occupational Health
  • Case Management
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory Services
  • Host Nation Specialty Referrals
  • Translation Services


MEDDAC-J is continuously engaged in building strong bonds between both host nation medical partners as well as U.S. military treatment facilities in Japan and throughout the Pacific. These partnerships help enable our vision to provide the best quality care to our Soldiers, their families and the local community. Host nation partners within our referral network include: Takahahi Clinic, Oka Orthopedic Hospital, Ebina General Hospital, Ebina Medical Ambulatory Plaza, Kitasato University Hospital, Shonan Atsugi Hospital, Zama General Hospital and Sagamihara Kyodo Hospital.

Military treatment facilities within our referral network include: U.S. Air Force Hospital, 374th Medical Group, Yokota; U.S. Navy Hospital, Yokosuka; U.S. Navy Hospital, Okinawa; Tripler Army Medical Center, Oahu.


There are currently two multiple year, major medical renovation projects on the verge of completion at Camp Zama. Both CFSHC and the Camp Zama Veterinary Clinic are projects with budgets exceeding $30 million and include upgrades which dramatically increase the capabilities to provide health care to the Camp Zama eligible patient population, military working dogs and pet population. Current ongoing projects include:

  • LAN room renovation
  • RFID badging system upgrade
  • Torii Station (Okinawa) Dental Lab renovation
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