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Dental Health Activity Japan (DENTAC-J), located at Camp Zama, Japan, includes command and control of the Camp Zama Dental Clinic (CZDC) and Torii Station Dental Clinic (TSDC) located 800 miles away in Okinawa, Japan.

DENTAC-J’s mission is to enhance dental readiness and oral health of all Soldiers and authorized beneficiaries throughout mainland Japan and Okinawa through the delivery of quality dental care and oral health promotion in becoming a premier dental team. DENTAC-J plays a critical role in dental health care within the community. The clinics provide routine and minimal specialty dental care for approximately 2,200 Active-Duty Soldiers and over 4,400 eligible beneficiaries. Our vision is to become America’s military leader in oral health and an integral member of Army Medicine by building stronger partnerships.

In 2016, DENTAC-J performed 31,677 procedures with 2,827 in orthodontic care and conducted 13,327 clinic visits. DENTAC-J has the highest dental readiness and wellness of 99.5% and 80%, respectively, within the Pacific region exceeding the Department of Defense’s goal.

Last year, DENTAC-J hosted the annual Tri-Service Dental Conference in Tokyo, providing continuing education to over 70 military and federal dentists located within the Pacific region to include Army, Navy and Air Force with over 70 participants in attendance.


  • Camp Zama Dental Clinic – 14 Dental Treatment Rooms, 3 Dentists, 2 Hygienists
  • Torii Station Dental Clinic – 8 Dental Treatment Rooms, 3 Dentists, 1 Hygienist
  • Primarily General (Routine) Dentistry Services
  • Preventive, Restorative, Endodontic, Prosthodontic and Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics – Army and Navy (Active-Duty Soldiers and Dependents – Children)
  • Complex Specialty Services – Referred to Air Force and Navy


DENTAC-J continues a long standing partnership with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) Dental Corps. Every year, DENTAC-J hosts a two-day Bilateral Dental Residency Course for the comprehensive dental residents at Central Hospital in Tokyo, providing lectures, case presentations, weapon stimulation training and live patient care exposure. Also, DENTAC-Jpartners with Medical Activity-Japan (MEDDAC-J) for Army Medical Department events and participates in an annual Bilateral Medical Symposium with our Japanese counterparts. Camp Zama Dental Clinic provided support to Atsugi Naval Dental Clinic in providing orthodontic services for their eligible beneficiaries. DENTAC partners with the local schools at Camp Zama to provide annual dental screenings and oral health education to its students.


The DENTAC-J headquarters and Camp Zama Dental Clinic was renovated in 2015 to increase its space within the dental operatories, laboratory, sterilization room and waiting area, as well as safety measures along with new equipment. In September 2015, the clinic conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony providing the community a glance of the new updates. Torii Station Dental Clinic continues to receive facility updates but recently had new radiograph equipment installed, an expansion of the supply room and double-sized sterilization room. Pending projects at Torii Station include:

  • New Flooring
  • Internal Painting and Wall Repairs
  • Parking Lot Repavement and Design
  • New Dental Chairs


The priorities are to exceed dental readiness and wellness for Soldiers, while increasing opportunities to extend access-to-care for our eligible beneficiaries; establish a more cohesive operation at Camp Zama and Torii Station dental clinics; strengthen relationships and increase bilateral engagement with JGSDF counterparts through training and team-building opportunities; continue to build partnerships with the Air Force and Navy dental units on mainland Japan and in Okinawa.

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