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Guide to Triaging Your Health Care

Guide to Triaging Your Health Care

Tripler Guide to Triaging Your Health Care


When the issue is not pressing, you have a number of options available to access health care information and assistance. Learn how to triage your health care.

General Health Care Information

When you are looking for general health care information and want to educate yourself or learn more about a health care issue that affects your family, TRICARE has many options including 24/7 general information:

  • Visit TRICARE online and go to “General Health Information” for many options.
  • Call toll free 888-874-9378 to access a medical audio library.

Advice and Consultation

When you need more in-depth advice or consultation on a current health care problem:

  • Contact your TRICARE PCM or provider.
  • Establish a relationship with your primary provider. To find a TRICARE provider, call 877-988-9378 or online for the basic info on enrollment, PCM changes and all TRICARE related information.

Emergency Information

Always call 911 first if you think it is an emergency. It is always wise to know in advance where to go in an acute or emergency situation. If you do not already have an established relationship with a primary care provider, use the health care finder service to locate a provider in advance of an emergency and:

  • Find out about the nearest emergency room and ambulance service.
  • Learn about your avenues for seeking urgent care.
  • Obtain the number to make an appointment with your PCM.


TRICARE Online (TOL) is the first central effort to develop an enterprise-wide resource for all DOD patients, providers and managers. To access TOL, visit The web-based program improves the communication and education of health care services and information. It also provides secure links to other websites that provide valuable information.

TOL provides easier access to appointments, medication refills, referrals, enrollment, health care information and communication with patient providers.

The website’s educational benefits include:
  • A drug interaction checker.
  • TRICARE benefits explanations.
  • A “condition checker” that explains different conditions that affect the body.
  • A wellness information page that offers information about a variety of healthy lifestyle topics.
  • A health calculator.
  • Health journal.
  • Online primary care appointments to military PCMs.
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