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Interdisciplinary Pain-Management Center

Interdisciplinary Pain-Management Center

Tripler Interdisciplinary Pain-Management Center


Tripler: Ninth Floor, C Wing, Room 9C
Telephone 433-1415

U.S. Army Health Clinic – Schofield Barracks: Bldg. 683
Telephone 433-8553

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed weekends and holidays.

This multidisciplinary center provides comprehensive evaluations for pain diagnosis, treatment, research and education. A team of health psychologists, physicians, nurses and other health professionals are dedicated to evaluating and treating persons seeking relief from persistent pain. The program aims to reduce or eliminate pain and suffering, restore optimum levels of function, facilitate return to work, promote safe and effective use of medications, and enhance quality of life.

A pilot program is in place for active duty, returning Soldiers with musculoskeletal pain to determine the effectiveness of complementary and alternative modalities (CAM), specifically acupuncture, chiropractic or medical massage therapies, in conjunction with conventional medical and cognitive-behavioral pain management.

Our pain program mission is to empower patients with persistent pain to learn about their bodies and pain conditions and learn strategies for self-management. Various education modules, like COPE (Coping with and Overcoming Pain Effectively) assist individuals in understanding the mind-body connections in how our bodies feel pain. The goal is to learn techniques to improve management of pain in conjunction with medical treatments. Topics include the effects of pain and stress on the body and how to reduce the negative physical effects; lifestyle habit changes, such as sleep, exercise and nutrition, to reduce pain flares; and developing different coping strategies and behavioral skills to improve functioning in daily life and to enhance a sense of control over pain. Family members are welcome to attend all classes.

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