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Family Services

Family Services

Family Resource Specialist

A Family Resource Specialist provides information and referral services for choosing quality child care, providing child care, accessing enrollment in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program, applying for adoption reimbursement, elder care and scholarships for eligible family members.

Child Care: To help you locate and access state-licensed, center-based or home-based child care facilities at discounted rates, the Coast Guard and General Services Administration provide information about affordable child care for active-duty members and reservists on active duty for 180 days or longer. For GSA assistance in locating a child care provider, email This email must include the member’s name, address and county of residence. Contact the FRS at 808-842-2089 for child care referrals to military Family Child Care and Child Development Centers, plus local civilian child care and educational resources. For teenage super-sitters certified by the Armed Services YMCA, call 808-833-1185.

Elder care: The Senior Information and Assistance Handbook, a local resource, is free and ready for pickup from the FRS.

Special Needs Enrollment: This program is mandated for family members with a diagnosed and professionally documented long-term medical, physical, psychological, mental or educational condition. FRS has information and enrollment forms, as well as referral to civilian and military resources. FRS has access to the Annual Directory of National Organizations, a list of organizations for specific disabilities. Contact the FRS if a parent desires an advocate to attend special education meetings at school. A Special Needs Enrollment has no impact on a member’s career. The focus is to ensure members are assigned to locations with appropriate resources to meet the family member’s special needs.

Adoption: Adoption is an expensive decision, whether adopting locally or internationally. The FRS can answer inquiries concerning reimbursement of adoption expenses and forward the request to HQ for processing. A variety of books and information in locating resources for adoption are available for interested families.

Scholarships: The major source of scholarships for dependent children of Coast Guard enlisted personnel on active duty, retired or deceased members, and Coast Guard reservists on extended active duty is the Rear Adm. Arnold Sobel Endowment Fund. Information on this scholarship, the Coast Guard Foundation Scholarship Fund and others can be obtained from the FRS at 808-842-2089.

The Ombudsman Support Program is a vital information network for Coast Guard families. The Transition/Relocation Manager acts as program coordinator, trainer and facilitator for local training meetings for command ombudsmen.

The Family Resources Program also assists ombudsmen in planning pre-deployment seminars — dedicated to informing families about a ship’s activities while underway — and apprises families of pertinent resources at their disposal.

Drop by the Work-Life Center or call the FRS at 808-842-2089 for assistance regarding family member issues.

Youth Activities

Fortunately, Hawaii has many child-oriented activities. School-age children can take advantage of school sports and band or club programs. In addition, there are many programs sponsored by the military MWR departments; see the installation-specific chapters for detailed information.

Aliamanu Military Reservation
Central Registration Office 808-833-5393

Joint Service Program
The Joint Military Family Abuse Shelter provides a safe, comfortable environment for individuals and families experiencing abuse or the threat of abuse. It serves all branches of the military. Any person who has a valid military identification card is eligible. The shelter offers a safe place to stay, food, transportation, child care, crisis counseling, information and referral, advocacy, support groups for parents and children, a children’s program and crisis hotline, staffed 24/7. Call 808-533-7125 for more information.

Special Needs
Coast Guard Special Needs Program 808-842-2089
Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii 808-536-9684
Special Education for Student Support 808-733-4400

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