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Groves Capital – Alfredo Arteaga
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As a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I would go to as many air shows as possible to get closer to my dream. Although, my dream as a fighter pilot did not happen, I always had the up most respect for anyone who served our county. I always said to myself, “if I could help someone in the military or Veteran I would”. When I started in the mortgage business in 2005, I quickly learned about the VA loan & realized this is one way to give back to all of those who served our country. Through out the years since, I’ve had no greater satisfaction than to help a military family or Veteran get into a home or refinance their loan. I’m currently creating a Veteran foundation that is centered around real estate, in the meantime, let me serve you! 

BEWARE! CYBERCRIME IS ON THE RISE! GROVES CAPITAL INC OR THE ESCROW COMPANY WILL NEVER EMAIL or TEXT WIRE INSTRUCTIONS. IF YOU RECEIVE WIRE INSTRUCTIONS VIA EMAIL OR TEXT purporting to be from Groves Capital INC or from your real estate agent or escrow officer claiming that they are from one of the companies involved, THEY ARE NOT VALID. CALL YOUR ESCROW OFFICER or LOAN AGENT IMMEDIATELY IF YOU RECEIVE WIRE INSTRUCTIONS VIA EMAIL OR TEXT! Any third party wiring instructions contained in documentation provided by others sent via email “from” the Escrow company have not been verified. Please call the account holder and verify before sending funds. Groves Capital INC will not be held responsible nor liable for funds wired to the incorrect account.

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