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Calvert County, MD

Calvert County, MD


Calvert County was established in July 1654 by Lord Baltimore and maintained close ties to England. In the ensuing years, Calvert County was home to a number of conflicts between a group of Puritans, who settled here under the leadership of Richard Preston, and men dispatched by Governor Stone of Virginia.


Between the lull of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, the plantation system of agriculture was developed and employed in Calvert County, making a gracious living for a number of already wealthy landowners. The most immediate changes to the county’s way of life came after the Civil War, when the freeing of the slaves severely hurt the plantation system.


In 1865, Captain Isaac Solomon established a commercial fishery and cannery on an undeveloped island in the southernmost part of the county.  Here he hoped to take advantage of the abundant fish populations in Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River to counteract the failing plantation system. Solomons Island, as it would come to be known, would later become a training site for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps with the onset of World War II.


American Chestnut Land Trust

—The land trust features a number of nature trails running throughout the watershed region of Parker’s Creek and Governor’s Run. The area also features an experimental chestnut arboretum and historic structures.


Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary

—This 100-acre nature sanctuary features the northernmost naturally occurring stand of bald cypress trees. An elevated boardwalk allows for easy hiking through the swampy areas and the nature center contains a number of natural  history exhibits.


Breezy Point Beach and Campground

—This bay-front park features swimming, fishing, picnicking and camping. Breezy Point is a perfect getaway for those looking to spend a day or a weekend hunting for fossils along the beach.


Calvert Cliffs State Park

—Hiking trails throughout this 1,400 acre wooded park end at Calvert Cliffs.  The cliffs offer fossil hunters the perfect location to find the perfect specimen for their collection.


Calvert Marine Museum

—The museum houses a number of exhibits ranging from local maritime history to the paleontology of Calvert Cliffs to the estuarine biology of the Patuxent River. A main attraction to the museum is the Drum Point Lighthouse, an authentically restored lighthouse from 1883. 

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