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Charles County, MD

Charles County, MD


Established in 1658, Charles County is named after Charles Calvert, the Third Lord of Baltimore. Much of the industry in the county remains as it was when it was established. The basis for this industry is agriculture with an emphasis on the growth and sale of tobacco. Now, Calvert County is a booming suburban community south of Washington D.C. filled with historical and natural attractions. Numerous historical sites and buildings dot the landscape, ranging from homes and churches to courthouses and schoolhouses. Bird watching and bicycling are two of the more popular outdoor recreations—and Charles County offers some of the best of both found in Maryland.


American Indian Cultural Center/Piscataway Indian Museum

—This museum strives to show the life of Native American people before contact with exploring Europeans. The focus is on Maryland’s indigenous people but the museum also includes information about other areas of the country. A full-scale replica of a long house, tools, weapons and authentic art highlight the collection.


The Port Tobacco One-Room Schoolhouse

— This one-room school is the original building from 1876. It served the people of Port Tobacco as a school for nearly 75 years until 1953.  In the 1990s the Charles County Retired Teacher’s Association restored the school and furnished it with items representative of the 1870s.


LaPlata Train Station

—This historic building represents the impact that railroads had on the growth of Charles County during the late 1800s.  The station first opened in 1873, the same year LaPlata’s first post office opened and was followed by a period of major growth for the town. Today, the two-room station is operated by the Charles County Historical Society and features an authentic red caboose sitting on an adjacent track.


Purse State Park

—Purse State Park is a 90-acre reserve that remains in a natural state with nearly no improvement. It lies in a remote area with gently rolling hills, wooded countryside, marshlands and moss-covered rock walls. This “wild” state of the park makes it a perfect location for fossil hunters.


White Plains Regional Park

—This regional park offers something for the whole family to enjoy. The main attractions of the park include an 18-hole golf course with Bermuda fairways, lighted tennis courts, a “tot lot” and playground, a 15,000 square foot concrete skate park and several small picnic pavilions. 

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