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Frederick County, MD

Frederick County, MD


Frederick County was the home to a number of famous people. Thomas Johnson, the state’s first governor, was born here as well as John Hanson, America’s first president under the Articles of Confederation. Francis Scott Key, who wrote “The Star Spangled Banner,” was born here and shared a law practice with his brother-in-law, Roger Brooke Taney. Taney would go on to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


The first European settlers in the area came in 1730 with a predominately German background, by way of Pennsylvania. The county’s location in both the Appalachian Mountain and the Piedmont Plateau regions makes it a prime agricultural area. In fact, Frederick County has more farms than any other county in Maryland. Fittingly enough, the oldest building in the county is a German farm house which now serves as the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum.


National Museum of Civil War Medicine

—The National Museum of Civil War Medicine details the development and progression of medical practice used and developed from experiences in the American Civil War.


Rose Hill Manor Park/The Children’s and Farm Museum

—Specializing in depicting early American Life, this living history museum offers historic tours and events designed for children of all ages.


Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

—This unique museum, housed in the county’s oldest building, provides America’s finest example of German Colonial architecture. Built in 1756, the stone manor house and accompanying gardens are open for guided tours from April to Mid-December.


Hessian Barracks

—The Hessian Barracks are listed on the National and State Registry of Historic Sites.  Built in 1777, this site has been used as a Revolutionary War prison, by the State Army in 1812, as a Civil War general hospital, the First Maryland School for the Deaf, and was the staging point for the Lewis and Clarke Expedition.


Gambrill State Park

—This state park, located west of the town of Frederick, offers miles of hiking and biking trails along with horse trails. It also features a 34-campsite and four-camper cabin campground which is available seasonally.


River and Trail Outfitters

—Providing raft, canoe, kayak and tube tours, the River and Trail Outfitters offer a unique way to experience the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers near historic Harpers Ferry and Antietam Creek. Bike rentals are also available for tours along the C&O Canal.

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